How Can I Add Value To Your Life? (Take Two)

How can I add Value to your life? (Take Two)

Have you read ” How can I add Value to your life?” It is my desire understand you all. My deepest desire is to write and produce material that is meaningful and useful for each of your lives.  To help me do this, here is three questions I am asking my tribe:

  1. What is your biggest challenge at the moment?
  2. What is your biggest goal at the moment?
  3. What magazine or blogs do you read regularly?

Some Answers I Have Received So Far:

Jess says:

1. What is your biggest challenge at the moment? Balancing family, work, church and relationships. The pressures and importance of all are significant. I’m continually navigating how to balance these things that are close to be heart.

2. What is your biggest goal at the moment? To be secure in who I am. That my faults and insecurities don’t define me. They may be a part of me, but that are not all that I am. I tend to over-identify with my weaknesses. I’m assuming this will be a line-long learning loop.

3. What magazine or blogs do you read regularly? Podcasts too? Yes, I hear you reply with breathless joy… Savy Psychologist and The School of Greatness are my favourites at the moment. Oprah also had one called Super Soul Conversations which I’m sure you are already aware of 😉

Mandy Says:

1. Challenge: Settling into my new life while still having pulls from those I love in my last season

2.  Goal: no more complaining! Speak life, always

3. Magazine or Blog. I read your blog and the blog that I write for called Restored Ministries…. not really into magazines. Currently reading a book called “The Veil” by Blake Healy

Sarah Says:

You inspire me!!! 💗

1. Challenge – Having as much time as I would like in the Word and for people, while building a business

2. Biggest goal is to settle $36M in Loans in 2020FY

3. Magazine or Blog. Yours is the only blog I read! Plus work specific articles. I read a lot of books about missionaries / Christian testimonies.

Casey Says:

1. ChallengeMy biggest challenge at moment is defining what success looks like in this season for me. I am outcome driven but I feel like a lot of what I’m doing right now is an investment for the future, so I’m not necessarily seeing the fruit of it now the way I normally would like to.

2. Goal I have just added a new goal to my list and it is to get through one learning/growth resource every fortnight.

3. Magazines and ArticlesThe cageless birds magazines and obviously your blog.

If you haven’t already, please write in your answers to the three questions. Comment below or write to me privately on messenger!

I love to hear what you have to say. Help me generate valuable, interesting and relevant content for you all.

You are dearly loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink. Here are some of mine:

Challenge: Embracing the journey and remaining present in today. (HUGE CHALLENGE FOR ME. Maybe I should write about this).

Goal: To be excellent in my job as a doctor in the hospital while still releasing my book, and continue to write and reach my business goals.

Blogs: My absolute favourite reading blog is Cup of Jo. I love ambitious kitchen and wholefood simply for food blogs. For medical and nutritional advice I love Dr Mark Hymam. And of course I love Oprah. I also subscribe to Pocket and read the most interesting, popular articles to see what people are interested in reading and writing about.

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2 thoughts on “How Can I Add Value To Your Life? (Take Two)

  1. Shani says:

    My biggest challenge right now is to feel hope and love myself and my life despite opposition and feeling lonely. Sometimes getting the correct perspective when you know your filters asre damaged ca n be difficult.

    My biggest goal is to get healthier and learn how to witness effectively with only gentle words that draw people to God and don’t push them away.

    Books.. I have about 8 going including prayer, leading with love, business and a really good one by a Jewish Rabbi on business secrets of the Bible. Then there’s a Christian romance and short stories on women who survived hardships in developing countries. My house would be a lot tidier without books!

    1. Christine says:

      Shani. I can feel your heart in this so beautifully. Thank you for your honesty and your beautiful spirit!

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