4 Fascinating Things For your week!

Beloved! How has your week been? I have discovered that Mount Cootha have the best bush walks!

In other news. Here are four of things I gave loved this week!

Exert from article. People tend to overestimate the importance of the what when they should be focusing on the who. In interviews with a diverse group of 160 people from a variety of industries and positions, my colleagues and I found again and again that flourishing in your career depends as much on your relationships, both in and out of work, as it does on your job itself. 

You know those times where you run into someone from a time in your life, whether it be an ex or an old associate and it is just so awkward you just thinking about how you acted makes you cringe on the inside? I liked this article because it made we realise it happens to everyone.

Each week I try to do at least one huge cook up on the weekend for lunches during the week. This week I made Beef Massaman Curry. Here is a great recipe. I omitted the Peanuts (I hate peanuts) and used sweet potato instead of white potato. This provided enough sweetness to avoid adding extra sugar! It was a sensation. Broccoli Rice is also… so easy and delicious. I chuck mine in the food processor, add a tiny bit of water, cover it and let it steam.

Oh my goodness. Why is this so funny. I watched it twice and a third time with Greenie.  So much Fun. (Calm down I don’t endorse all of Usher’s lyrics).

That’s it from me.

Have a great week!

Know that you are dearly loved and richly cherished

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink: Who is your favourite movie star. Brad Pitt and Usher are definitely up there for me. And Craig Daniels.

P.S. Have you read Four things bringing me Joy?

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