Pick Up Your Pen And Write!

“If you want to change the world pick up your pen and write.” – Marin Luther

There is no greater weapon in life, no better skill to learn, then learning how to write.

Jordan Peterson is a profound professor and one of the most brilliant minds in our world today. He has sold millions of books, his videos go viral and he speaks into the world’s most intelligent students, influences the most cutting-edge leaders and has a formidable voice around the world. Here are his thoughts on writing which I paraphrased from a lecture he did.

Jordan Peterson on writing

“The best thing you can do is teach people to write. No body actually tells students why they need to write. There is no difference between writing and thinking. And thinking teaches you how to act effectively in the world. To win the battles that you fight in the world. Some of which are deeply important and will do much good. Writing teaches you how to speak. If you can think and speak and write you are absolutely deadly. Nothing can get in your way. That’s why you learn to write. I can’t believe that people are not just told that.”

Beloveds one thing that has changed my life is learning how to write. I exhort you to start. If you haven’t before, begin by journaling a few lines every day. If you already write, commit to writing 300 words a day, or an article a week.

Write on what your passionate about. What you are learning. What you burn for. Are struggling with. Write something. Anything…

Do not underestimate the power of writing. It is a discipline that Everyone should learn.

That’s it from me.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink: I want you to type into YouTube, Jordan Peterson on the power of writing.” It is so inspiring.

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