A Life Worth Living (Happy Weekend)

In my current role as a doctor I am confronted daily with the finite time we have on this earth and the fragility and vulnerability of life.

It has made me view each day differently as death is a daily reality for me.

Living is a powerful gift.

The daily confrontation with death has made me question how I live my life. What I perceive to be important.

As a goal orientated, driven kind of person, one of the things I have struggled with is remaining present. I tend to go through life with momentum and drive, often going from one thing to the next without taking time to be present. To stop. To enjoy the small things.

I have this danger of rushing through life on autopilot.

I’m learning that one of the most powerful things we can give ourselves is to be present.

Be present in each moment.

Some highlights from my last few weeks.

Greenie and I went for a walk to the top of Mt Cootha. There is a bush walk you can do to take you to the top. It is a 5km round trip. At the top you can get a coffee or eat ice cream or even drink a beer from Kutu café and sit and enjoy the view. To be honest I enjoyed the view less than I enjoyed people watching. There are SO many interesting people from ALL around the world to watch.

Mark and I had dinner with our best of friends this week. We ate together, shared our frustrations and our joys from the last couple of weeks. It was causal and easy but life giving. We ate yellow chicken curry and Green chicken curry with a huge salad. Speaking of salads, try this strawberry and avocado salad. Lush. It is always the small things, the little moments that give you the greatest joy.

I have been loving this quote: “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”-Muhammad Ali

Mark and I went to the GC for our 10 year anniversary. I love the GC so much I can’t explain it. We stayed at Meriton Suites. We went for Long walks. We went people watching at  Ferry Road Markets. I don’t know why I like it so much there but I do. The people are so fascinating, and everyone looks rich and fancy. Oh and the markets have free tastes EVERYWHERE. Yes I will taste your $29.99 dollar olives. And your $19.99 dollar blue cheese from France. I’ll taste a grape while I am at it just to know what a 30 dollar a kilo grape tastes like. Pretty darn good so you know!

Speaking of food I love eating at Justin Lane. It is a multi story pizza, pasta and cocktail restaurant on the GC. Greenie is part Italian and having travelled a little in Italy he considers himself a pizza expert. He LOVES the pizza and pasta from Justin Lane. I recommend the seafood pizza. It has prawns, calamari, garlic confit, mozzarella, chilli, parsley and lemon. Greenie loves the carbonara which is spaghetti, pork belly, and mint. Let’s just say if Greenie lived in Italy he would definitely NOT be so trim. Greenie reckons this place is as good as many of the places he ate in Italy! I am personally sold on anyplace that make their own gelati! It is pretty amazing…

In the last month Mark and I have been LOVING soft tacos. He just goes mad for them. We had them one night with mince and sour cream and cheese and every condiment you can think of. He was like a little child. So I made them again this time with fish with the works. I think I could make it a weekly tradition with a different filling each time. Here are some awesome taco ideas I am loving.

I have been loving the music from Soul Hymns. Like music to my soul. Still can’t past this music video from Dante Bowe. Gives me goose bumps every time!

Greenie and I have been watching the Mission impossible series from the beginning again. We are up to Mission Impossible five. SO GOOD. I love Golden Oldie movies. Tom Cruise… Gosh he is a weapon.

Finally I am wondering what capsule items to have in my closet for spring. I definitely want a power suit. And loved these cool ideas on trend spotter. Love the bike shorts with Blazers! And the lavender tones…. I ADORE FASHION. The best way to express yourself.

Live in the present. With life to it’s fullest!

I for one am cherishing every moment I can.

You are richly loved and deeply cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink. Oh and I am loving Pepsi Max new creaming soda flavour. It is my treat. I know it is bad. But every now and than, gosh it hits the spot!

P.S Three ways to combat unhappiness.

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