What Shall I Cook For Dinner?!

Whether I am cooking for a dinner party or need some ideas for my dinner I am always on the look out for fresh and new recipes to make. Recipes which are relatively easy and don’t involve a trip to the grocery store for weird ingredients I would never use again. Recipes that if desired are good enough to serve at a dinner party. Most importantly recipes that don’t take hours slaving away at the stove!

So, for my busy ones who still love to cook and entertain.  Don’t worry I have you sorted!

Here are some recipe Ideas that are interesting, delicious and mostly relatively easy to make:

Seriously DELICIOUS. I have to confess. I get my Salmon from Aldi’s, and find it cheap and fresh and D E L I C I O U S. This recipe also works with trout…. (Also available from Aldis.)

Now for a naughty but scrumptious dessert. Try this. I got my love for caramel from my father. This dessert is NOT for everyday but once in a while? Just what the Doctor ordered.

This recipe is so easy it is scary.  Perfect if you have a pot luck dinner or are feeding lots of kids. And dessert? Try this World’s best Cake with Banana and coconut. It is easier than it looks and SO FANCY. Impress you family or guest at your next dinner party.

I had a slice of carrot cake just a couple of days ago and it hit the S P O T. Highly recommend you make this recipe. For mains try this Roasted Sweet potato, pear and pomegranate salad anyone? Serve with the easiest Roast chicken recipe ever.

Very Addictive. Perfect for entrée or to make into a meal with a salad. I think it is perfect in the fridge as a snack… If you try them let me know! I want to

Personally I find this a bit plain, but Mark absolutely loves it. Your guest will too. It is perfect for a dinner party or to take somewhere. In any case it is SO Easy and cheat to make. Kids LOVE it.  While we are talking pasta I am making this four ingredient pasta for Mark for a treat this week.

There are some ideas to get you started!

Remember Food makes memories which will last with your friends and family forever.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Try something new this week. Doctor’s orders!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink. P.S Instead of rice I use cauliflower fried rice most of the time. Scrumptious

P.S For some healthier recipes read 10 healthy recipes for you to try.

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