Strawberries Galore!

Strawberries Galore

I walked into my local Coles today and strawberries were $1 a punnet! One dollar! At Woolworths yesterday they were $2 dollars. Cheap as chips! At my local grocer I also got a huge tray for $1.99!

So this week I want EVERYONE to buy a bunch of strawberries and make at least one of these recipes! I will be making the salmon with the strawberry and basil salad and the strawberry spinach salad. What will you make?

Here We Go

This looks so delicious.

Dreamy and so good for kiddies. Make them into little popsicles

LOVED this! 

This is for all my Paleo, Gluten and dairy free sweet ones. 

This has FOUR ingredients…. Need I say more?

For those days you want a quick easy dessert. This reminds me of a slice my mum used to make for dad. Best eaten with a little bit of Icecream, cream or a little natural yoghurt.

If anyone actually makes this PLEASE tell me. I would be SO proud.

I can count one one hand the amount of times I have made the effort to make a tart.

My favourite salad right now.

Seriously put this at the top of your list. LUCIOUS. 

For my keen Bakers….. PLEASE make this…. LUSH 

Which one catches your eye? Please comment below what you will be making.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life


Of course you can also just eat the strawberries just the way they are with a glass or two of champagne.  Also what I will be doing tonight to be precise.

P.S Have you read Strawberry Delight

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