Toxic Gossip

Have you ever caught yourself bonding with someone over your mutual annoyance for someone else? I caught myself doing this at work this week. It was not until later that night when I was reflecting on my day that I had realised what I had done.

My annoyance with the person felt justified, and maybe it was. But that is not the point. Even agreeing with someone else who brought it up without the other person knowing lacked integrity.

It was such a good reminder of how easy it is to participate in toxic gossip. It can be so subtle and take you so by surprise, one must almost be rude at times and vigilant to disengage in it.

In hindsight I am reminded that if something is discussed, then it absolutely should be discussed with the person to their face. Preferably first. And with the motive to help, improve and work together to make things right. Not with an attitude of judgement, annoyance and comparison.

It is all to easy in the workplace to avoid healthy rumbles with someone who is doing something that is bothering you. This can lead to workplace tension and relational breakdown. Healthy rumbles can lead to resolution and respect.

So in hindsight, I am on the alert. If I can’t have a conversation with someone to their face, then I must make a decision to let it go. 100 percent.

It seems simple, yet it is interesting how easily I succumbed to it.

Beloved has this happened to you? What are your ways of avoiding gossip and backbiting in the workplace?

I would love to know.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

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