4 Things I LOVED This Week

Beloved how has your week been? Mine has been Full! Very Full. But in amongst it all PLENTY of joy…

Here are my picks for the week on things which I have LOVED.

I sincerely cannot remember the last time I felt more inspired from a Podcast. Do you know that there are more slaves today than ever before? This absolute real life hero, Gary Hugen, CEO and founder of International Justice Mission shares a game plan to stop it. International Justice Mission is partnering with giants like Walmart and Target in the most practical way. The stories he tells wrenches your heart, and yet the way he is literally making history by partnering with local governments and big corporations to stop slavery in his lifetime absolute blew my mind. Please listen.

I found this so challenging. It is by a preacher named Bill Johnson who challenges us to recognise how the relationships that challenge us the most are actually sometimes the most important ones in our lives. In fact it is the people who don’t think like us that often make us grow as people the fastest. One of the most brilliant sermons I have heard in a long time. He talked about all the things I didn’t want to hear, while simultaneously hitting my heart with truth. I loved it.

I am not going to lie. I love me a bit of Hip Hop. This guy is really so profound.  NF talks so vulnerably about his own life, in the most articulate and artistic way. He is open about his mental health, and his wealth, without wallowing in self-pity and entitlement. Moreover, he does it without any swearing! His music is incredibly talented, and I have to admit, really very moving. Have a listen. I would love to know what you think.

This is a great article for people like me. On Sunday night, I lost my blob so badly at Greenie for putting a tear in my favourite dress by not washing it on delicate… Seriously, I lost my blob… Right after Church. Said things that were definitely not Christian. And the next morning I had immense regret. This article was simple but VERY helpful. And I loved the ted talk afterwards.

That’s it from me.


You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Also I Loved this omelette recipe.

Wink. P.S Does anyone know how to fix tears in silk dresses? I am no longer mad at Greenie, and I repent from my irrational rage and meltdown, but my favourite silk dress still has a tear… I value any suggestions. 

P.S Have you read How to fight without losing your blob?

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