A Few Fun Things! (A Life Worth Living)

Beloveds! How was your week?

I had the most fascinating week at work. Working in Orthopaedics and learning every minute of every day. I got to drill into bone with an actual drill this week!

Other highlights this week were:

  • 1. Listening to these Podcasts.

Building Vision with Horst Schultz Part One

Who is a better person to learn from about excellence than the CEO of the former President and COO of The Ritz Carlton.  I loved it so much that I listened to Part Two available here:

Building Vision with Horst Schultz Part Two.

This inspiring 82 year old teaches from his own life, how he has joyously learned to serve others and raise leaders who do the same. It was the most inspiring podcast I have heard in a long time.

I went here with three of my favourites (one being Greenie). It was one of the funnest nights I have had in a long time. They had tasting beers for the boys, and a huge range of places to eat and there was live entertainment. Plus it is right on the River. A glorious way to spend the night. Highly recommend.

  • 3. Recipe

Greenie and I have been loving this recipe. It is rather mind blowing. Jamie Oliver Pesto. A beautiful girlfriend made me a batch and this is the recipe she used. Now Mark and I are ADDICTED. Definitely needs to be made. This week! By you! We have spread it on Salmon, made chicken pesto pasta, put it through broccoli rice or had it on cheese and crackers. Always delicious. Also would love to make this French Apple Cake. It looks amazing! Maybe for my next dinner Party.

  • 4. New Crush

Finally I fell in love with the girl in the article, My beauty Uniform Natasha Janardan she is drop dead gorgeous and I L O V E her style!

Two reader’s comments on the article most challenging thing in your life Right now:

  • Livvia Kelly

“I’m finding allowing myself to actually be in community in a family really challenging. I am generally a ‘stick to myself’ ‘find ya own way’ kind of person and Iv used that to justify distancing myself from people. I recognise that to experience the fullness of God’s love I need to love others- otherwise I have missed the point.”

Hayden J Te Runa

“Wow… Such a loaded Question for me right now, I think it is the challenge of what to do in the sorrowful & lonely moments. Or the moments where things haven’t gone the way I had planned… The challenge or Adventure I get to embark on is to invite God into theses moments and to seek out the intimacy of his wonderful presence when I feel like I am at a loss. We are never at a loss!”

Thank you for sharing! I love hearing from you!

That is it from me.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished!

What are your highlights this week?

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink. What is your favourite Drink/Cocktail? I am very much enjoying Mojitos. Mint, lime and Rum. Somehow, I feel very fancy and grown up drinking this. What is yours?

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