Stillness When It Matters Most

It is easy to incorporate healthy routines and quiet time when you have ample time and a regular rhythm. It is not quite so easy when you are working 13-hour days, weekends and on call. I imagine that this is similar to the mums and dads out there whose life is no longer their own. Some of you work long hours on top of raising endlessly needy little people. How are you alive?!

If I am completely honest, in the last few weeks, where my time has been consumed at work, maintaining time to reflect and to spend quiet time with Jesus has waned. While in the beginning it was hard to notice the difference, lately I have seen the impact it has had. I  have noticed my fuse is shorter, my perspective a little off skew, my compassion and empathy for others lower, and my patience for the people I love at an all time low (poor Greenie).

I came to a rude awakening Monday night, when I blew my top at Greenie for something that was totally and utterly not his fault.  In fact it was nearly entirely and undeniably my own fault.

In my job as a Doctor, I am coming to realise that the only way to deal with the stress, pace and constant demand at work is to be walking so closely with the Person of Peace. Jesus.

How to maintain this intimacy while working such long hours in an irregular rhythm is something I yearn to get better at.

Something I so deeply need. 

Here are 2 things I am endeavouring to do this week

At the end of each day I am choosing 15 minutes to reflect and pray and meditate with God. I aim for 15. Then no matter how tired I am, I always have time for this. And then it usually inevitably goes for longer.

I breath in his peace. I realign my heart and my eyes with his.

I read truth from the Bible. I let him remind me that at the end of the day, the only thing that is required of me is to keep my heart right with Him. When I do this somehow everything comes into alignment.

Secondly, every chance I get I have been listening to worship music. I am loving Jesus culture, Upper room, Hillsong United, The Brilliance and Dante Bowe. There is something about worship that draws me into the presence of the Father and within minutes I am refreshed.

Finally there are moments in the day that I breath in deep and remember who I am. A child of God. A woman of peace. Full of the Favour of the the Father. Full of the light of God. Even a minute putting my heart on him realigns me.

Those are some things that I am disciplining myself to do this week.

How about you my beloved?

How do you keep yourself close to the Father. How do you prioritise time when you are busy with your children or your work, or even with ‘ministry’? I would love to know!

Let us all encourage and strengthen each other with our story.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink. I am preaching to myself here. Remember this is on the back of a Meltdown at my Greenie! I would genuinely love to hear what you do!

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One thought on “Stillness When It Matters Most

  1. Krystal says:

    I absolutely love this! It’s just what I needed 😊
    Thank you 💕

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