Girlfriends – The Rare Kind

A true friend is a rare and beautiful thing. That kind of crazy, deep and intimate friendship only comes a few times in a lifetime.

Someone who knows you. Sees you and loves you. Someone who you know will see and know your point of view without you having to explain. Someone who tell you the truth to your face and defend you behind you back.

Someone who you can trust impeccably. Who you know even if you make the wrong choice or makes decisions which can be misunderstood will read in between the lines and always assume the best.

Someone who you can call when you are dog tired and ramble on about your day. Someone who you can hang out in a room or in the car, watching a movie and be completely comfortable to not say a word.

Someone who knows how exactly to chop up your salad, and the way you like your tea. Someone who sends you gifts in the mail and can’t do enough to see you smile.

Someone that you know would miss you everyday if you went away. And would seriously consider coming with you to the ends of the earth. Someone who believes in your destiny more than you do.

Someone that you love. And someone who loves you.

Friendship. It makes me the richest girl in the world.

Friendship. It is priceless and timeless and makes life worth living.

Do you have a friend like this?

I would like to hear.

Comment below!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life


What is it about Asians and LOVING a bargain. I just went to the shops, only to find a gorgeous elderly Indian Lady stuffing her trolley full of one-dollar disposable napkins. I know they were on sale, But did she need 8 packets? What she was going to do with 8 packets of disposable colourful napkins only God knows… she now had enough napkins to last her a lifetime. I walked past judging her. Then I came across the discount section. You know, The one at Coles where all random Items are a fraction of the price? I found myself inspecting the green marzipan icing for 40 cents and wondering how I could put it to use. I nearly bought strange looking discounted ‘healthy’  coco pops. I walked out with half price Pantene ‘leave in’ conditioner I will NEVER use.

Asians and a bargain. It is in out blood! We can’t help ourselves!

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