The Joy Of Being Under Leadership

We live in an incredibly individualistic society.

“Finding you own way.”

“Living your dream.”

“Being unapologetically you.”

These are all buzz words in our culture today.

I agree with each of the above statements. However, in the pursuit of our own destiny, we seem to have lost the incredible value of being under leadership.

Listen to me beloved. I am a relatively junior doctor. I work under the authority of registrars and Consultant Doctors. While my mentors are for the most part supportive and ready to teach, there are times where as a junior you get the most un-sexy jobs, get caught in political crossfire, and stay back long hours doing things that definitely do not need a decade of studying to do.

However, I am under some of the smartest, kindest people in the world. I get to learn and take responsibility while knowing there is always someone who is more experienced and knowledgeable just around the corner. No matter how stressed or busy I am, I know that there this is only a fraction of the stress and responsibility on leader’s shoulders. And since I am only a few years into my medical career, I get to learn and be under submission to those who have had decades of experience, some of who were practising medicine before I was born.

Most of all I get to learn and practice while ultimately, they bear the brunt of the responsibility.

While I may not always agree with their decisions, or want to model my life after theirs, with every single supervisor I tell myself there is something to learn from them. And with every leader it is my responsibility to do everything I can to serve them and do what I can to make their job easier.

Understanding the Joy of working under leadership gives me this attitude of respect and  a eagerness to listen and learn. Believe me, your supervisors can sense this and the way they respond is more often than not with an eagerness to teach.

If Bosses get snappy, or I get the blame for things that are not my fault, I have learned not to take it personally and resist the urge to defend myself or to blame someone else. Instead I ask myself what I can learn and make a decision to move one.

One day I will be the boss with all the responsibility on my shoulders and will understand first-hand what it is like. In the meantime, I want to learn how to be led. How to take instruction. How to take criticism and feedback and apply it to make me a better Doctor and a better person. I want to learn how to model myself after good leaders, and to recognise bad habits in supervisors and ensure they don’t become a part of my practice.

I want to learn how to be led, so that I one day can lead well.

Beloved, the only way to truly find your destiny and accomplish all the dreams on your heart, is to learn the joy of being led. Learning how to be led and be under leadership with integrity will give you the character and the resources to accomplish the dreams on your heart.

So embrace your season.

Learn to be led and be led well.

And believe me, without even trying you will be formulating your own path for the future.

To reign in life is learning the joy of being under leadership.

Every great leader must first learn how to be led.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

 Reign in life

Wink: Here is a question. If you could pick one person alive or dead who has been the most inspiring leader who would that be? I think William and Katherine Booth, who started the Salvation army would be up there for me. Who would you pick?

P.S. Have you read, Transforming not Conforming to culture.

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