Some Fun Things For You Weekend

Beloved, how has your week been? I Had a Gorgeous wedding this week and I got to take the day off for it. I can tell you right now, It was a H I G H L I G H T.

In other news this week:

  • Podcast

This was such an inspiring Podcast. Exploring the Prophetic with Josie Lewis. This is about a fine artist who loves pursuing and teaching creativity. Her current work includes painting, mixed media and video. She talks about how God used art to heal her out of a tragic season of miscarriages. She started with 200 followers on Instagram and within two years had over a million followers. Now she has over one billion people who have seen her art. SO SO INSPIRING. Have a listen than have a look at her art on Instagram.

  • Coffee Cup and Water Bottle

If you love tea and coffee, I so encourage you to get a reusable cup. These are so so stylish and worth the investment. Plus when you pay good money for it than it is a great motivation to use it! I love the black style from Kinto. They a Japanese brand (hence the classiness and quality) but  also ship to Australia. Or this style for a water bottle? I am getting one for Greenie. So classy right?

  • Best Cheap Eats

Also I have found the Best Dumpling place. It is called Red Dumpling and they are everywhere. Greenie and I had Dumplings (I also had wonton chicken soup and Greenie ate enough dumplings to feed half of Asia) and a movie and gosh it was just THE BEST. But don’t take my word for it. Give it a go with your partner or your bestie.

  • Book

For the Love by Jen HatMaker. Gosh I LOVED This book. I have read it at least five times and picked it back up this week only to find myself laughing out loud again and again. It is seriously SO SO good! I would love for you to have a read. One day I dream that Jen Hatmaker will read my books and laugh as hard as I do when I read hers. She is SUCH an incredible writer.

  • Hot Clothing Picks

I am loving the brand Sabo Skirt. Super trendy, soft but sexy. L O V E.   What do you think of this?  Also thinking about what my swim suit will be like. I love these I especially like the high waisted bottom ones. And I love these as well. 

  • Food

I have been experimenting with Beef Cheeks (found them on special at Aldi) Try this recipe. Freaking amazing! We ate ours with cauliflower mash… My new obsession. 

That’s it from me.

So buy a coffee cup and make some dreamy beef cheeks in a swim suit.

And know you are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Yours sincerely

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life


Oh and Also, I ate my first mango this week. It DID NOT disappoint. It was so luscious and delicious I nearly cried. Seriously mangoes is one food I lose my head over. I can’t wait to buy a whole box and devour every single one.

P.S. Did you catch last weeks Four Fun things?

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2 thoughts on “Some Fun Things For You Weekend

  1. Matt Wyman says:

    Who’s wedding? 😝😝

    Also, Emmy wants to go to red dumplings too!!

    Love you!

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