A Happy Weekend: White Wardrobes & Bottomless Dumplings

Oh my goodness. The weather is divine! I have the weekend off this week. And I intend to PLAY! I have every intention of going to the beach. My favourite place is Burleigh Heads. I also want to make this recipe Salted Pumpkin cookies with maple icing.’ Delicious.

In other new this week things I have LOVED are:

  • 1. Podcast

Q&A: Beginner’s Pluck with Liz Bohannon.

Here, Liz who is an author and entrepreneur is interviewed by Craig Groechel. I loved it as she addresses the pressure that our culture is putting on ourselves to find ‘our passion and destiny.’ Her take on this is fascinating, and I found it deliciously encouraging.

Keys to a Thriving Church.

In an age where the people seem to be loosing faith and space in their lives for church this podcast spoke to my heart. From Bethel which is a thriving church whose culture and influence has shaped the city where it lives in Redding California. Moreover it is known around the world for its love for one another and the transforming power of the Gospel.

The Pastor Eric Johnson speaks about his heart for the church. It really inspired me once again about the transformational power a healthy thriving church and it’s potential to change our city and the rest of the world. Have a listen.

  • 2. Food

This week Mark had to cook for a dinner party we had as I was held up at work. I was tryng to come across a recipe which he could do without me being interrupted a work to a million panicked text messages. I came across this article 46 recipes that will make you fall in love with pasta again.  Check out the chorizo parmigiana pasta bake .Amazing. He ended up making a simple chicken and Feta Pasta. Which I think he did an excellent Job with!

Speaking of food I also am making this pumpkin cake! I don’t know why I am suddenly obsessed with pumpkin and maple. It is just what I do sometimes.  Also I am very into acai and smoothie bowls. The ones from Cardamon Pod are E P I C ! Well worth a trip down the coast.

  • 3. Clothes

I loved this article on 15 ways to wear white. Especially loved the African American Queen with one leg! Massive Girl Crush. I am only just withholding myself from throwing away all my clothes and only wearing white. Amazing. 

Ebony on  “Don’t Be allergic to a little Hard Work”

The world sells us all these “formulas”, -how to grow your business -how to get a following -how to get the fastest possible outcome Lies! It’s all the journey and time and work , and biggest one to me personally is sacrifice

On a final note you can get bottomless dumplings plus either Kirin or Rose here! Seriously??!!

That’s all from me. 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood.

Reign in Life.


How many dumplings can you eat? I think some Asians have a separate stomach for sushi and dumplings…. They can eat so many! Look around at your sushi train and compare how many those of western origin eat and how many those of oriental origin can devour! And they are usually SO much smaller. It is quite incredible!

P.S. Did you catch last weeks fun?

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