4 Fun Things!

Beloved What are you up to this weekend? I am working and writing. But Saturday night our besties are taking Greenie and I to a Greek Restaurant! My favourite dish is those little grilled octopus balls. Oh my goodness. I love the taste and texture. Delicious.

In other news this week I have LOVED:

This podcast had me and Greenie in tears. We both listened to it together and cried. Than we listened to it separately again the next morning. You see there have been things we have been believing for that we have not seen answered in our lives… and it has been hard and heartbreaking. This was such a soothing reminder from Papa Bill to chose joy and worship in the midst of the hardest times. If there are things you are contending for and you feel your heart becoming weary please listen . Perhaps it will minister to you the way it did to us. 

  • 2. Recipe – Mushrooms.

I have been learning about the medicinal effects of Mushrooms. Seriously if you can eat mushrooms in some way every day you are doing yourself a favour. Greenie and I love them. I love this little recipe for Mushroom tofu poke bowl. Pretty enough to serve at a gourmet meal! And this dish proper pot noodle’  is an ABSOLUTE winner.  I LOVE to store things in a glass jar. Makes me feel extra industrious for some reason. Finally garlic mushrooms are Greenie’s favourite. A little bit of good quality butter? Winning!

  • 3. Fashion – Shorts for Summer

I am after the perfect pair of shorts. Here are some gorgeous ideas from Keepsake. This white pair is lush. And this is possibly even better. The Fifth label are doing this classy longer pair. Thoughts? One could possibly wear that to work with a blazer!

  • 4. Activities – The Beach

Last Sunday Greenie and I had the most restorative day. We went to the Gold Coast and parked at Broad Beach. We had the most delectable coffees from this epic Cafe called Elk espresso. Side note…. It has got to be the most popular café on the GC and there is a reason for it. Best coffee I have had in a LONG time and we only narrowly escaped sampling the most delectable looking donuts. Then we went for a huge walk and a little run along the beach and finished off with a giant icy green smoothie. Seriously please do yourself a favour and get to the beach. Walk/run/swim and eat and drink healthy food. You’ll feel like a different person.   

That’s it from the Greenies.

Know that you are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Nourish you mind, and body this weekend my beloved.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink. Green smoothies are NOT recommended prior to long meeting or church or if one has to be on stage preaching. Mark Greenwood. Let’s just say we were both VERY distracted at church this Sunday.

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