5 Lifestyle Changes That Save Time & Reduce Stress!

Beloved ones. How do we save time and reduce stress? This is the million dollar question that most of us want to answer. Yes life is busy. Yes demands are big. But if truth be told, we all have 24 hours in our day. There are things we can do that save time and reduce stress.

5 things that Greenie and I do to save time and reduce stress:

  • 1. Have a morning routine

My mornings are very automated. I get up at the same time every morning and do the same things every morning. My mornings include physical activity, worship, and listening to a podcast. I get up early and make sure that I fit in time to do things that are important for my spiritual health and physical body. This make me far more productive in the day, full of focus and far more equipped to handle stress.

  • 2. Get enough sleep

Every person’s body has a different need of how much rest they require. Seven hours is a perfect number for me, however I am fully functional on six. My husband, however likes at least seven and is much better on eight. Research shows that the average person needs around 8 hours. Knowing what your own body needs and being disciplined to go to bed in order to give your body what it needs will do loads for your ability to handle stress. You will take far less time to finish tasks. On a week nights I make sure I am in bed by 9.30pm at the latest and try to start wind down at least an hour before that.

  • 3. Schedule in Rest

If you are highly driven and love productivity like I do, scheduling in time for ‘rest’ is vital. By rest, I don’t mean sitting on the couch and watching Netflix, I mean scheduled time doing things that you know will rejuvenate you. Personally there is nothing that brings me more joy than a day on the beach with my husband. We do the same thing each time. We talk on the drive down, catch up on our week, then we get a coffee from our favourite cafe, drink it on the beach and go for a huge walk along the beach. Afterwards we drink green smoothies or have a acai bowls. The sun, beach, each other’s company, and good food brings us both so much rejuvenation and spiritual nourishment.

  • 4. Remember Food is medicine

Remembering that food is medicine and nourishment for our bodies is so important. I no longer live with a restrictive mindset around food. Instead I choose foods that I know will nourish my body and contribute to health of my mind, body and spirit. Loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, with some good quality dairy and proteins. Caring about what goes into your body without becoming inflexible is so important for us to be the strongest version of ourselves.

  • 5. Choosing Gratitude

I wrote last week how choosing to worship is a decision that I have been making that has made all the difference in how I see the world. Playing worship whenever I can. Choosing to focus my mind on things that are uplifting. Focusing on the good of every situation. Choosing to show gratitude is foundational to managing a job that is highly stressful and hours that seem at times never ending. Choosing to pick the good out of every situation, every person, and every day is a lifeline to managing my stress.

These are some things that I am learning. Morning routines, healthy food, adequate sleep, and rest and gratitude. I am intentional about making sure that these are priorities in my life. It goes a long way in saving time and decreasing stress.

Perhaps you might like to start with just one of these this week?

I promise even one will change you life.

How about you. What are some of your secrets to saving time and managing stress?

I would love to hear.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink: One of my favourite things about the Gold Coast are all the interesting people to watch. Seriously! There are some of the most good looking people in the world, bronzed and tanned, mixed with the most entertaining Asian tourist taking endless selfies of themselves at every opportunity. It is a people watching haven and I could spend hours and hours watching.

P.S If you want some songs to help you choose gratitude read  Worship the gateway to breakthrough.

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