Funny Asians, Powerful Podcasts, Salmon Recipes and more…

Happy Weekend!

Beloved ones! How has your week been? This week has been Glorious. The sun is rising earlier and setting later, and I got home early enough two days to go for a big walk with Greenie. It made all the difference in the world. The small things in life.

On another note:

  • 1. Podcast

This week I was impacted by this podcast by Kim Maas on the Shawn Bolz. She is an international speaker who tells her testimony about an emotional breakthrough story of being married to a drug and alcohol addict and hearing the audible voice of God to go back to him. The radical change that occurred and the healing that took place is so incredible. But it took four years from the time that she felt to go back to him. She is such an inspiration. For those of you who are believing for your marriage, and find yourself feeling helpless despondent, this is the podcast for you.

Beloved, don’t give up hope.

  • 2. Article

This weekend after work, Mark picked me up and we wondered across the road to a little Asian restaurant at Sunnybank. We order a Beef Pho and looking around there was not a single white person in the place. The place was full of Asians. Always a good sign. The Pho was the most incredible Pho we have ever eaten. Seriously. The noodles were freshly made. The Pho was clear and nourishing and the vegetables were fresh. But the restaurant? The waiters look at you like they are annoyed you are there and there is no bells or whistles wasted on the ambience of the place. This article on a guide to Asian restaurants had me laughing out loud. A great read. And so delightfully true. If you are Asian or eat at a lot of Asian restaurants you must have a read.

  • 3. Salmon

Mark and I have been eating Salmon 2-3 times a week. We. Love. It. Most of the time we keep it simple with a little olive oil with plenty of salt and pepper. However, I have been loving these recipes to branch out. Salmon is one of the healthiest proteins you can have and eating it as often as you can will nourish your body and tantalise you taste buds. Plus at Aldi you can buy it for a VERY reasonable price. Here are some recipes to try. Honey lime, siracha salmon. Greenie thought he had died and gone to heaven. All his favourite flavours. Salmon with an Asian Ginger sesame dressing is probably my favourite. I love this recipe on tandoori Salmon as well. Amazing with a cumber raita.

  • 4. Song

I am playing this over and over, You keep on Getting Better Maverick City. Thank you Tali my Mexican Beauty, for showing me this.

Beloved ones. If you do nothing else. Listen to that song on repeat. Let it minister to your spirit.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Pereira

Reign in life

Wink: Seriously, I love watching African American girls sing. Sometimes I imagine myself with their voice. Legitimately, I fully fantasise about it. Is that weird? Well I do it. ALL THE TIME.

P.S. Did you catch last week’s weekend picks?

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