4 Ways To Show Kindness To A Stranger

We live in such an individualistic world. It isn’t hard to get caught up and wrapped up in our own lives and forget the person and people around us.

Imagine if we all intentionally went out of our way, even once a week, to show kindness to someone we didn’t know. Imagine if a stranger paid for your meal, or told you that you looked beautiful. Wouldn’t it make your day?

Let us be those people for someone else this week

Here are 4 ways to show kindness to a stranger:

  • 1. Pay for someone’s meal

One of our favourite things to do is to pay for a strangers meal. If it is table service, I love to scan the tables and decide who I want to pay for. I was having coffee at a little cafe in Perth and there was a cute older lady who ordered lemon crepes and a cappuccino while she read the Sunday mail. She was adorable. It was clear that she was there regularly by the way the staff interacted with her.

I paid for my meal and hers at the same time, and for felt to tell her before I left that I had paid for her breakfast and hoped she had an incredible day. The way she reacted, you would have thought I had bought her a house! Why? She asked me over and over. “Just cause,” I told her again and again. It was such a small act but it seemed to really rock her world. I think I was more blessed than she was and it only cost me $20 bucks!

  • 2. Tell someone they are beautiful

Next time you genuinely admire a strangers outfit or think they are beautiful, go up to them and tell them! Imagine if a stranger came up to you and told you genuinely that they thought you were beautiful or loved your style. It just would make your day! I love to go up to perfect strangers and tell them they are so stunning that they have caught my eye and I have to tell them so!

Girls especially seem so surprised. Don’t assume if people are good looking that they don’t need to be told. You have no idea what goes on inside someone’s head! I often go up to girls and say “Excuse me. I’m so sorry to bother you” (At which point they often look at me suspiciously). “But I want you to know that I think you are absolutely beautiful and I just had to tell you so.” They are always super surprised. I have even had girls cry. True story.

  • 3. Pay for someone’s meal in the drive through!

We all go through a drive through from time to time. Next time you do, pay for the person behind you! It is SO much fun. Last time Greenie and I went through the MacDonald’s drive through we paid for the person behind. As we drove out the people in the car behind us were craning their necks trying to see who we were and why we had paid. It really was so much fun! I would go through a drive through again and again just to pay for someone! 

  • 4. Write a note to thank the Chef.

Next time you have dinner out and truly love what you ate, write a note to the chef and tell him specifically what you enjoyed. Don’t assume he knows! Remember the Chef is cooking because he is passionate about food, however he rarely gets to see people enjoy it. A hand written note or a personalised email from customers stating specifically what was liked would make his day!

We ate at a restaurant recently and I send an email the next day detailing exactly what we liked about the dishes, the service and the wait staff. The manager told us they read it out loud to all the staff and they were buzzing for days after. And this was a nationally acclaimed restaurant! You would think they would get that kind of feedback all the time! Don’t assume. Write a note, or send an email. Often people only go to that effort when they have something negative to say. So making an effort when all you have is praise is more out of the ordinary than you might think and will make someone’s day. Believe me!

So there you have it! 4 ways to love a Stranger. And they are all so easy!

Do you have any other ideas about things that you have done in the past? I would love to hear!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

P.S Have you read how do you treat you waiter?

Wink I love to tell a hot girl they are hot! Seriously, don’t assume because people are good looking, they hear it all the time. Often particularly hot girls are intimidating and others girls will judge them rather than celebrate them! Next time you think someone is gorgeous rather than compare yourself go up to them and tell them so! I bet you will make their day!

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