4 Interesting Things For Your Weekend

Beloveds! Last week was Mark’s birthday. I planned ahead and asked the head of my department for the day off for his birthday. He said YES! So we had a an epic beach day, ran in the sun, feasted on Portuguese tarts, bought me a box of mangoes (NOT for him) and had the biggest nap in the afternoon. It was as heavenly as it sounds.

In other news, I have been feasting my mind and heart on:

  • 1. Podcast

I found this new interesting Podcast called How to with Charles Dughill. It was SO interesting. Basically, he has a whole podcast interviewing experts on questions that his audience wants to know. This particular podcast is called How to look like a superhero! Here an up and coming Hollywood actor wants to know how to sport a six pack and biceps like a superhero. So Charles Dughill turns to the trainer of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. His name is Don Saladino. He talks about how to eat and how to work out. Apparently, the key to a six-pack and bulging biceps is not as far-fetched as we may have thought!

(Please note I may not agree with everything on this podcast. Eg “How to rob a bank.” But you are all very mature and wise and I am sure you can sift through and take the gold and leave the rubble).

Someone asked me recently if I had any good podcast to advice on dating. I have recently started listening to Moral Revolution Let’s talk about it. This covers a broad range of topics including “Accountability for couples,”  “What to do when you have gone too far,”  “Sex after children.” One that I listened to this week and LOVED was Navigating your sex drive and self control.  Seriously we don’t talk about these topics enough and I love the honesty and integrity with how these topics are unpacked in this podcast. If you are single, dating, getting married or married this podcast on sex, sexuality, intimacy, dating, and everything in between will give you some wisdom and practical steps to apply to your life and relationships.

  • 2. Album

Jesus is King by Kanye West. Seriously. I have no words. Kanye West has been born again and he is rapping about his love affair with Jesus! It is outrageous and glorious. In one of his songs however he talks about how the people who have given him the most criticism are the Christians! How sad is this. Beloveds. Let us not be one of those critiquing Christians. Kanye is a baby Christian. Do not mistake influence for maturity. Let us surround him with our love and prayers and celebrate his boldness and zeal and cover him with grace. Personally, I adore his album and am so proud of him! Jesus is King! And is drawing his children back to himself.

  • 3. Food

Mango Mania. It’s Mango time. I am SO excited! I love mango on it’s own. Oh so delicious. But there is this Asian salad that I love to make with it. Ahhhhh. I also love it with avocado With Prawns. I love mangoes In a smoothie bowl…. And it also can be turned into the most lush dessert. Like mango, coconut milk and mint popsicles? YUM. Let’s be honest if anything has mangoes in it, I just start to salivate.

  • 4. Clear Shoes

So I think that clear shoes are in! Take a look…. I think I might love this.  Or what about these….? Thoughts? Different but classy?

Some readers comments favourite worship songs.

Dana Jensen “Jen Johnson’s Goodness of God.”

Danuta Mcmilan No One But you.” Hillsong

Andrew Wales. “Might Warrior “

Naomi Camille- Byers “God of the Impossible Lincoln Brewster(loved this one)

Mark Greenwood “Come Alive .” Dante Bowe

Beloved, go for a big walk, listen to a podcast, eat some mangoes, and be kind to yourself this weekend.

Know You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink. Our beloved friend bought us a voucher to a Jamie Oliver restaurant! I am so excited. I have heard great things! We will go the minute Mark comes home from America. Has anyone been? What do you recommend?

P.S Did you catch last weeks Four Fun things?

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