Connection – In A Starved Culture

I spent much of the last decade being far to ‘busy’ to be connected. Our busy western culture, a crazy time-consuming career, pressure from work and study was not conclusive to making relationships a priority in my life. So I didn’t.  

Slowly but surely, I lost the value for connection and failed to prioritise relationships. This all came to a grinding head two years ago where everything as I had known it came crashing down around me. And I felt deeply alone.

Now I value relationships more than ever before.

We are made for connection and born for community with one another.

However, I am still learning what this looks like and how to apply this when life is so full. In fact life is fuller than it was before. For everyone. Am I right?

In our book upcoming book, ‘Connection’, Greenie and I co-authored a resource which is essentially our journey on how to maintain connection with each other, with people we love, and those we interact with. It talks about our own personal testimony, things we have found useful in how and when to connect and most importantly 200 games which you can play in multiple different scenarios in order to help facilitate connection with one another!

You can play these games on dates, with your family, with your friends, in your marriage, in your mentorship meetings. There are games in different categories for every situation.

It is fun, funny, lighthearted, raw and yet I believe incredibly powerful in giving tools on how to create connection with one another.


It is coming out just before Christmas. So you can buy one for you and all your friends and family!

Keep your eyes peeled!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink I was my normal inappropriate self in writing this…. Greenie is the exact opposite. It was fun watching our writing styles collide….

P.S Have you read 7 games that create connection?

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