Which Celebrity Are You Praying For?

Kanye West LOVES Jesus!

Kanye West has seemingly had a legitimate encounter with Jesus. It is blowing my mind. Watch this! James and Kanye fly in an aircraft full of Kanye’s choir. They sing their worship songs while flying and it is SO Glorious. They have a mid air worship session. In between songs Kanye talks about his love for Jesus. He tells his testimony. He talks about how Jesus how outrageously blessed him. He tells the world of the favour that has followed him since he has been following Jesus. Watching it I felt the pleasure and love of our Father all over him. God has relentlessly pursued Kanye and is relentlessly pursuing Hollywood.

Let’s cover Kanye with our love and prayers and save our criticism and judgement. Let’s celebrate what God is doing! He is drawing his beloveds back to himself including those who are high profile celebrities, those who are in government and politics. He is drawing them to himself.

Don’t think for one moment beloved, that this happened by chance. There have been Christians interceding for Kanye. Believers believing for this day.

Let this exhort us to pray. Who are you interceding for? Which high profile leaders are you speaking life over?

Instead of criticising and judging let’s start interceding and believing for our celebrities and leaders. I believe we are about to see a multitude of high-profile celebrities, and leaders having a radical encounter with a relentlessly loving Father.

Let Us Pray!

We all know who I’m praying for!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink: Okay maybe it would surprise you to know who I am praying for…

P.S. Have you read Four ways to hold a victorious mindset?

P.P.S This was an incredible podcast on the importance of praying for our political leaders. It was so so good. Click here to listen.

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