The Art Of Embracing Humble Beginnings

“Do not compare your start to someone else’s middle.”

Best bit of advice. Somehow I have to continually remind myself.

Beloved ones. You, like me, may have a clear idea of what you are aiming for in the future. You may picture a booming business, or an established career, or a New York times best selling book. Or like me, all three.  I have huge dreams on my heart for what I want to establish in the future. For where I want to be.

With such huge dreams in play, sometimes its easy to forget to stop to appreciate where I am right now. The wins and successes I am having on the way. To be aware that the process of getting to where I need to be is as important than the destination itself.

In medicine there is always something that we are working towards. As a medical student, I was working towards qualifying as a doctor. As a intern, I was working towards being a resident. As a resident, we are studying learning and sitting exams to become a registrar in a specialty. As a registrar on a specialty program we are studying, learning and aiming to be a Consultant. As a Consultant… the list goes on.

This is the same in every vocation, in ministry, in business, in writing, in building a platform.

Beloveds, I am learning, that whilst it is about the destination, it is equally about the journey. It is the discipline we cultivate while we are studying and working, it is the competence and connections that we build throughout the years, it is the emotional intelligence that comes with experience and it is the skills in learn in the process that is the most important part. 

All of this allows us to have the character and resources to withstand the destiny that is on our lives.

So for a high achieving gal who is always looking ahead and sometimes finds it hard and discouraging to be where I am at, I am determined to embrace the journey.

I am determined to embrace being a junior doctor and take the oppotunity to serve and learn from my superiors with decades more experience in every way I can. To embrace being under leadership in every facet of my life. For one day I too will have to lead and bear the brunt of responsibility.

I am determined to embrace in the church world, being under my husband’s limelight and recognise that there are times and seasons for everything. To champion him and not to compare or contrast our very different callings.

I am determined to be grateful for every person who reads my blog and buys our books rather than feel discouraged and intimidated by authors who sell 100,000’s of copies and have millions of followers. One day that will be me, but right now, I need to grow and develop and be grateful for the influence I have.

I am determined to continue to work hard. To focus. To keep my eyes on Jesus and my heart wrapped around my prophetic words and what I know is my destiny. To be flexible with how to get there, and to enjoy every step along the way.

“You only fail if you quit.” – Heidi Baker

So if you, like me, might be feeling a little tired and discouraged with where you are at. Heads up. Enjoy every learning moment. Seize every opportunity to serve and be under good leadership. It is these moments that count and that will become the foundation for the destiny that is on your life.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life


Does anyone have a husband in ministry who attracts A LOT of attention? When people see you together, all the prophetic words seem to be around and about them? I hear you! I have been learning that my destiny and value does not have to come from others seeing me. It has to come from who I am in God and what I know in my heart I am called to. If I forget this, then I find myself feeling very small and insignificant next to my husband especially when he attracts endless attention and countless prophetic words.

Remember my beloved. Eyes on Jesus, find your destiny and identity in him and embrace your season. This will produce character in you that is unshakeable.

 P.S Four things to look for in a mentor

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