Who Are You When No One Is Watching?

Who are you when no one is watching?

Lately I have been challenged by the kind of person I am when no one is watching. Am I the same?

  • When I am not around anyone I have to prove anything to, am I kind and courteous to the coffee lady or the waiter who spilled my drink?
  • Did I stop to ask the person who is serving me petrol how his day was?
  • Do I know my neighbours?
  • Did I yell at the person on the phone trying to help me sort out my IT issues (yes I did)?

What is my home life like, when I am away from the watchful eyes at church? Do I spend time reading my Bible? Worshipping Jesus? Do I spend time with the Father on my own? Consistently?

Is my heart full of gratitude? Do I complain in my heart a lot? Do I feel entitled?

How do I treat my husband? Am I short and irritable after a long day at work (sometimes!)? Do I talk to my boss kinder than I do my husband?

Who am I when no one is watching?

Who are you when no one is watching?

I so desperately want to be the same on ‘stage’ and behind closed doors. A person of integrity and consistency.

Don’t you?

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life


I was irritable at Greenie for buying me the wrong hair gel. Shame. The poor boy went out of his way to buy it and I was angry at him for choosing the wrong type. There is no way I would be irritable with my pastor or my boss over something like that. What makes me think it is okay to lack grace for my husband?

P.S. Have you read Four ways to hold a victorious mindset.

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