Bullying In The Workplace

This shouldn’t happen. But it does. It happens all the time.

I have experienced this personally (not right now, but in a previous workplace) and I know first hand how damaging and heartbreaking it can be.

There was a time in my life where for a series of 6 months I underwent the most manipulative, intense workplace bullying I have ever experienced. It was always done in private, without anyone to watch. It was done subtlety in public. This person went over and above to demoralise and demean me and mare my name.

When I look back it was almost like a bad dream.

Usually I am a resilient person, but over the months it really broke me. I remember, walking to work each day and feeling sick with dread.  I would cry nearly every day when I got home, and often on the way to work.

Nobody knew about this except for my husband. I did mention it to one of my medical supervisors, however as she (the person bullying me) was high up in power and could make things very difficult for other work colleagues, they were sympathetic but didn’t want to make a noise. It seemed she had this pattern of bullying behaviour that was targeted at certain people at certain times. It was largely ignored, and she got away with it. I conceded it was easier if I just ‘grinned’ and bore it until my rotation of six months was over.

I left battered and bruised and it took me months (if not years) to build my confidence up again.

Looking back, now that I have clarity I wonder what I should have done differently. Could I have prayed harder? Tried harder to report it even if it left me at risk of isolation and increased workplace harassment in the meantime. Should I have been more assertive? Stronger? How could I been more resilient after? Why did it knock my confidence so much?

  • I wonder beloved do you have a story of workplace bullying?
  • What did you do?
  • How did it effect you?
  • What did you do to address it?

Or like me did you wait till it was over, dying every day a little on the inside?

I would love to hear your story and any wisdom you have gleaned in highsight.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: if you met me you may be surprised that I (quite assertive and bold) could be bullied. But it is amazing what you put up with when it is your superior and you are in a new environment. And how your spirit and fight diminish over time. If it can happen to me it can happen to anyone! You are not alone.

P.S The enneagram. It may just change your life.

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