4 Things Worth Your Time

Beloved it’s the weekend!

How has your week been? It is my niece’s birthday this week. So I get to frolic in the sun at the Gold Coast at a family day. Family time is so rare these days so I cherish it when I get it.

In other news Here are my things from this week which really stood out to me:

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits. This podcast was incredible. He gives the most practical ways to create habits. Habits are the things that shape us. Make us into the people we are and who we want to be. Without forming new habits there will be no lasting change. Habits form character and pioneer your destiny. This podcast gives practical ways on how to form new habits. Absolutely worth your time.

  • 2. Recipe

Do you find yourself cooking the same things over and over each week? Me too! It’s like the week gets busy and I go on autopilot at the grocery store and then cook the same things. So I am trying to do something new each week. This week I made a coconut fish curry. This is a fantastic recipe by Nigella. You can substitute any fish that you like. This recipe uses salmon and prawn. I used Basa fillets (from Aldi). Next time I’ll try Salmon! YUM! So good. Fish is so so good for you people! The oilier the better. Get good at cooking and eating it. Oh and we eat ours with cauliflower rice.

This is so very fascinating. And it is relevant for EVERYONE. Even now there is a stigma around mental illness. Which is ridiculous! When do we ever shame people for having cancer or autoimmune diseases or dementia?  This Podcast is with Dr Daniel Amen, who is a psychiatrist who looks at the actual brain and uses a new approach of how to prevent and successfully treat it. He calls it Brain Health, not Mental Health. It is ground-breaking and I LOVED it.

Swimwear. So I adore the simple Adidas swimmers. I think they are perfect! You can wear them at the beach, you can do laps with them, you can wear them as a singlet with shorts or a skirt… LOVE it! And it is only $39! Bargain… And when I wear it I am going to wear massive hoop earrings and glare at the camera just like this model does. What a hottie! Anyway this Swimwear is def worth your time….

That’s it from me!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign In Life

Wink: This week I got an RDO on Thursday! It was genuinely the BEST day of my life. I did some writing in the morning, we bought swimmers and did laps (I nearly died at the pool, it’s been a while)! I met up with dear friends for coffee and important conversations. And I ate my weight’s worth of mangoes and sweet juicy grapes (and banana bread, I love banana bread) ! Finished it with two hours at the dentist which was the opposite of great… But at least I am working towards Hollywood teeth!

P.S  Did you catch last weeks Four Fun Things?

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