Life As a Doctor Who Believes in Miracles

Yes, I believe in divine healing miracles

Yes, I am a practicing medical Doctor

I have studied and practiced for nearly a decade. Most likely I will continue to study for decades more. The rest of my life in fact.

I have studied the body, science, pharmacology, physiology… all the ologies.

The more I study, the more I realise how little I know. How little control I have. How intricate and miraculous the body is. As the incredible Dr Paul Brand used to say:

“Looking at the thumb alone I know that there is a God.”

Talk about miraculous design.  Try and function without your thumb even for one hour and you will see how fearfully and wonderfully made we really are.

The more patient’s I see and the more experience I gain, the more I understand that there is so much as a doctor for which there is little explanation. Many things that we cannot understand.

So yes, I am a Doctor. I love to practice medicine and use my skills and knowledge the best I can to provide health care and impart knowledge that can empower my patients to live healthy lives. Yet I do so with the very real understanding that I am NOT the creator and I am NOT the ultimate healer. God is.

I believe in miracles

I believe in miraculous, instant healing by the power of Jesus Christ. I also believe God can use medicine and surgery to provide healing.

I believe we as Christians can pray for healing and see God’s will done in the bodies of people.

I don’t believe sickness is EVER used as punishment by God. What’s more I don’t ever think it is God’s ‘will’ not to heal someone. You can read more about that here in an incredible article my husband wrote called “Divine Healing – Is it Always God’s Will?”

Here is the million dollar question. What does this look like in practice as a Doctor? To me it looks like working hard to being the most knowledgeable, kind and excellent doctor I can be. All the while knowing that I am NOT the ultimate healer, God is. While He can use medicine and surgery and technology, he can also heal the sick in a moment through a miracle. At the moment I work within a hospital, I am careful to respect our regulations and procedures within the hospital. I make sure I am respectful of the doctor patient relationship and never impose my beliefs uninvited to my patient’s.  

Outside of the doctor/patient relationship, and with my work colleagues, where the total permission and consent of people is given, I pray for the sick any chance I can get.

In only a moment God can heal. I have seen this time and time again.

Watch this space, more to come.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink: Has anyone read about the life of John G Lake? If you haven’t do yourself a favour and read about him. You will be confronted and inspired in the most powerful way.  My favourite is the Diary of John G Lake. I have read it countless times… He is my hero.

P.S. Have you read “What is your relationship with your doctor like?”

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2 thoughts on “Life As a Doctor Who Believes in Miracles

  1. Brian Modra says:

    I am no expert, but I think that James 5:14 means use medicine and pray, because anointing with oil in this context meant “medicine”.

    1. Christine says:

      Thanks Brian. Love your heart!

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