4 Things Worth Your Time This Weekend

How is your weekend? We are house hunting this weekend! Ahhhh I love and hate house hunting. It’s exciting and irritating all at the same time. In other news. Here are some things I LOVED this week! Be sure to have a listen or look!

  • 1. Podcast

Leon Fontaine. Exploring the Prophetic.

I am learning what it looks like to work as a medical doctor while believing in miracles. I love to hear about people who worked secular jobs and remained relevant, and yet saw miraculous things occur in their workplace. Leon Fontain is a pastor of Canada’s fastest growing churches Springs Church and the CEO of a miracle channel. Before he became a pastor however he was in paramedics. Hearing how he brought his relationship with God to the workplace in a powerful way was so inspirational. For those of you who work out in a secular job but believe in miracles, you too would love this.

Do you know what your love language is? If you don’t I so encourage you to listen to this podcast or read my article here and find out! I have found it LIFE CHANGING to all my relationships! Especially my marriage. That’s all.

I am on ‘sides’ for Pereira Christmas lunch. Hence I am on the lookout for interesting, healthy but Moorish salads. I LOVE this one. I challenge you to make it and NOT like it. It is a bonus that it keeps really well. Make it and inbox me your thoughts! It is Greenie’s lunch all week next week! Side note, I’m not on dessert but if I was I would make this. Apple and Caramel. Those who know me know I am obsessed with both.  Get it into my belly!

Yotam Ottolenghi is my favourite chef and has written my absolute favourite cookbooks. I read them like novels. A friend reminded me of him this week. I have been getting right back into all my cookbooks from him, and his websites. I will definitely be making some of his specials on Christmas Day. I love his style, his dedication to excellence, his simplicity and his vibrancy and flavours. Plus He’s a Jew. I adore Jews. If you love to cook, you must buy yourself one for Christmas. He is hands down my favourite favourite chef and cookbook author. Do yourself a favour and cook just one of his recipes. You will never go back.

Three readers’ comments

Anna on favourite book:

The God of Small things – Arhundai Roy Beautifully written and a sad but beautiful story. Also just read The Bridge of Clay – Markus Zusak. Lovely Australian Family story. Highly recommend. “

Mandy on Favourite TV series:

Always Survivor or The Amazing Race…. Not that I’v watched either for a few years but definitely my favourites. Movie: don’t know about all time favourite but I love The Blind Side. “

Sarah on favourite watch:

Shitsel- it has a humorous heart- string pulling drama giving an inside look into the Jewish orthodox community here in Israel. It is really well done and we really enjoyed it.”

 I love reading your responses.

Have a an incredibly Interesting Weekend and listen to something different. Read something new and make some food you have never made before.

To reign is to fill life with new experiences and to learn new things and develop new skills.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink. Poor Mark. When I am house hunting I sometimes (nearly always) get rather fed up. If the house is ugly I announce it to everyone while I am in the house much to Greenie’s embarrassment. He tries to shoosh me in front of the real estate agent and the other people viewing the house. I don’t know why I have to be quiet, if they have ugly taste that is NOT my problem. That is all.

P.S. Did you get last weekend’s Four Interesting Things?

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