Christmas – No Better Time To CULL!

Christmas is Madness.

I was at Garden City on Sunday buying Greenie new pants (someone ate a few too many burgers and burritos in America recently and split his pants). It was MADNESS! The whole of the Southside (of which a large population are Asians) were crammed into the Shopping Centre. We drove around in circles stalking poor pedestrians trying to get a park. People’s trolleys were loaded! I mean Loaded!

I get it. Many of those things we are buying are gifts. But still there is a lot of unnecessary purchasing and needless spending. Christmas seems to be another excuse to succumb to the buying of things we don’t need, and much of the time will never use again. 

And it won’t end there! Boxing day sales always make the news as we all scramble, dive and go a little mad trying to get a bargain. Comforting ourselves that we are saving a few dollars, we spend a few hundred more, and come home with a huge amount of things, most of things we don’t need and in a couple of months (weeks) will forget we own and it will lie forgotten in a cupboard until we get the courage to give or throw it away.

I write this on the back end of Mark and I currently downsizing into a little one bedroom apartment. For this season when it is just the two of us, we are trialling a tiny apartment with opulent amenities. Our living quarters are TINY but the whole building share incredible amenities together.

Now Mark and I are already fairly Basic in what we own, but to move into these tiny quarters we will pretty much only have room for a desk and a couch. Maybe a tiny table to eat on. There is a little bit of room for clothes and books.


What a challenge. Already We have given away our bed. We are looking to downsize our table and our outdoor setting is up for grabs. Ill have limited room for cutlery, kitchen appliances and very little storage for extras! Most of what we own will have to go. And what’s more, every time we want to buy something we will have to think about where we are going to put it!

Leading into Christmas and preparing to Cull everything I own is a fresh realisation of how we buy what we don’t need and in some ridiculous way are often afraid to get rid of all the things we own but never use. As I begin to cull all the things I own, I can’t tell you how incredibly liberating it is.

Instead of joining the crowds of consuming and snapping up bargains for things you don’t need and will never use, join Me! Buy gifts for people you love and genuinely want to bless. Don’t do obligatory giving.

Resist the urge to accumulate anything for yourself you genuinely don’t need. Instead. Commit to ridding your house and home of all the things you have accumulated over the last few months, years, decades, and start afresh… Sell it, give it away, or throw it away! Just downsize!

I don’t know about you, but as I go through all the stuff which seems to magically accumulated in my house… I vow to be more intentional in the future about what I buy and what I think I ‘need’

Going into the new year is a perfect time to fight the status Quo. While everyone is spending and accumulating, be the person who is de-cluttering and downsizing everything you own.

It is unbelievably refreshing and liberating.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life


I even like to play this game in my fridge and pantry. I love to wait till nearly everything in my cupboard and fridge has been used up before I go shopping. Greenie HATES this game. I don’t know why… What’s wrong with eating tinned beetroot with hummus, week old broccoli and a fried egg on top? I love it! It gives me the strangest feeling of satisfaction! Does anyone else play this game?

P.S Have you read, Life as a Doctor who believes in Miracles?

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  1. Lynnette Naidoo says:

    Brilliant read. Thank you Christine💖

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