My Favourite Podcasts

I absolutely LOVE Podcasts. I try to listen to at least one every single day. These are the podcasts I listen to on a weekly Basis:

  • 1. Health

Ultimate Health Podcast with Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasseman. This brings the latest on nutrition, lifestyle, mental health and ultimate health by interviewing experts from around the world. I don’t agree with everything, but I LOVE to hear the latest from the health and lifestyle experts from around the globe. Loved this one by Neil Paricha- You Are Awesome, Intentional Living, Becoming Anti-fragile

Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman. Mark Hyman is my medical inspiration and hero. Much of what shapes what I believe and practice in medicine is heavily influenced by Mark and his research. He is the director of functional medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and has written several New York Times best sellers. He has seen first hand thousands of patients transformed by changing what they eat and how they live. His approach to medicine and life is how I want to fashion my medical practice. This podcast on Gut health is a great one to start you off.

  • 2. Inspirational

Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis. I find Rachel SO inspiring. She makes me believe anything, and everything is possible. I adore the people she interviews, I find her hilarious and intelligent. Every time I listen to her, I feel like she is cheering me on. If you have a heart for business and are a goal setting go getter, you, like me will fall in love with Rachel.

  • 3. Leadership

Craig Grochel Leadership Podcast. Honestly this is the best podcast I have listened to, not just on leadership, on life. It is truly the best. From how to give and receive feedback, to how to handle criticism, the lessons I have learned have actually been transformative in shaping me.

  • 4. Spiritual

Exploring the Prophetic With Shawn Bolz

This is my favourite Christian Podcast. It is about real life testimonies about the way hearing the voice of God can transform the course of you life and those around you. I love it because it conversations with actual people who give examples from their own experience. I am constantly inspired and encouraged and rarely miss a week. Love this one with Senator Paul Gazelka

Sermon of the Week Bethel Church. I love to listen to the weekly Bethel sermon. Yes I have a favourite. His name is Bill. Loved this one. Words that make thrones.  

  • 5. Relationships

Let’s Talk About It. The Moral Revolution. This is the best relationship podcast I have listened to. Surprisingly real and relevant. LOVING. Seriously.

Those are a few of the ones I listen to religiously every single week.

Do yourself a favour and get acquainted. Play them when you work out, while your driving, cleaning. I promise you wont regret it!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink: I pretend that Mark Hyman and Rachel Hollis are my mentors. Every week I say out loud in my declarations that they are my real life mentors (not just in my head) and we speak on each others shows…. Watch it come true.

P.S. Have you read Five Lifestyle changes that Save time and reduce Stress.

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