4 Fun Things!

How has your week been? I have had a fabulous week. Like THE BEST. I locked in my holidays and Greenie has been able to be home four nights this week. A rare treat. Most of the time when we are home together we do very unexciting things such as write or read quietly together. Yet something about doing it together, entwined in each other’s lives is just so, so satisfying.

In other news.

This week I have LOVED:

  • 1. Podcast

Why Fixing The Gut is The Key To Healing Chronic Disease with Dr Tod LePine.

This is with Dr Mark Hymen at the Doctor’s Farmacy

Think about it! We are shovelling endless Kg’s of food into this tube called the digestive system. Our gut is responsible for turning food into fuel, absorbing and creating nutrients and getting rid of harmful toxins! It only makes sense that a healthy gut has a HUGE impact on our weight, health, and mental health. Dr Todd LePine is a world leading expert on gut health and our microbiome.

  • 2. TV Series….

The Crown season three is out! Yes it is! And I am L O V I N G it. Insight into the royal life. Insight as to how we as the public perceive them, and rely on them. Insight into the weight of responsibility on their shoulders. Insight into how they live day to day. It is SO Fascinating!

  • 3. Recipe

Vietnamese Noodles with Lemongrass Chicken. One of my best friends LOVES Vietnamese. I want to make this for him. In other news my absolute world got rocked when my friend from work bought me an authentic biryani. Oh I tell you! It was so so sensational. I bought some home to Greenie and he inhaled it. I am determined to nail it. I think it would be the most incredible dish to be able to serve at a dinner party! I like this recipe. I will make sure the air con is ON! (seriously I woke up one day and it was summer). Also obsessed with Cherries. Look at this recipe! Anyone up for the challenge?

  • 4. Article

My Beauty Uniform – Afzaa Motiwala.

I’s sorry but is this not the most stunning human you have ever seen? So classy and modest and intelligent and BEAUTIFUL.

That’s it from me. Short and Sweet.

What are you loving this week? Or what did you love from the above suggestions?

Eat some mangoes and cherries, swim at the beach, and take some time to breathe in the hot sweet sticky summer!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life


Oh my goodness. How incredible are lychees? One of my favourite memories is when Greenie and I were dating. On a trip back from the coast there was a man selling lychees in an iced bucket on the side of the road. We bought a big bag of iced lychees and I peeled them for Greenie and fed them to him while he drove. Something about those ice-cold lychees as sweet as honey after a gorgeous day of sunshine has stuck in our memory forever.

P.S. Did you catch Last week’s Four things worth your time?

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