What Is Your Family’s Mission Statement?

I listened to this Podcast this week and LOVED it. So much so that I had to dedicate a whole article to it.

I have some time out coming in early January with my beloved and I plan to hide away from everything and everyone with Greenie and do this.

Creating a Mission Statement

Creating a narrative with Greenie where we decide what we want to live for each year is something that has proven transformative for us and for our marriage. Each year we decipher what we are focusing on for the year and how we endeavour to accomplish this.

This podcast (linked below) outlines practical steps to help to develop a mission statement for you as a family, or an individual, or as a married couple.

I think this is life changing.

I am ending the year having worked huge hours with very little time off and feeling am rather overwhelmed with all that I want to accomplish next year (and in the next five years). I cannot wait to apply the concepts of this podcast and dream with my man and God, to put an action plan in place, guided by the mission statement that we as a couple want to live by this year. Not only does this podcast help you to develop a mission statement, it walks you through developing practical goals of how to accomplish it.

My beloved Tribe I want you to all to reign in life with Me. To reign in life is to be Intentional in all that you do.

Please, listen to this podcast and then Join me in creating a mission statement for 2020 and Reigning in Life together.

Podcast: How you and Your Family can live a Richer Story in 2020.

As always, you are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life


If you listen to this podcast and make a mission statement can you humour me and comment below what your statement is? I would LOVE to hear.

P.S Have you read What is Your Love Language.

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