4 Things ABSOLUTELY Worth Your Time

How is your week? I am having the best week! We moved into our dream apartment to rent with G O R G E O U S amenities, including a rooftop gym and infinity Pool. LUSH. The only downside is that it is one bedroom with a tiny lounge room. And that we had to eliminate most of our belongings, including our desks, dining table, outdoor setting and tragically, nearly all my clothes. But I get to swim in an infinity pool on a roof top every single day! Small price to pay… Right?

In other news:

  • 1. Podcasts

How you and your family can Live a Richer Story in 2020.

I loved this podcast so much I wrote on it here. Seriously. This. Is. Life-changing. If you want to float through life and let circumstances dictate your outcome and perspective than Don’t listen to this. However, if you want to be proactive about determining how you and your family live, what you want to stand for and what kind of character you want to develop, I STRONGLY encourage you to listen. I am literally dedicating a major part of my holidays in January to doing this with my Greenie.

  • 2. Book

Oh my Goodness. Just started to read Every Body Always by Bob Goff. He is the best selling Author of Love Does. Goodness me. Why have I not read this before? Like, is he even real? Bob Goff is a lawyer and an adjunct professor, but he is also the founder of ‘Love Does’, which is a mind-blowing non for-profit organisation that operates schools and safe houses and pursues justice for women and children in conflict areas like Uganda, Somalia, and Iraq.

If I can quote the front of the book which summarises it better than I can:

“Becoming Love in a World full of Setback and Difficult People.”

And if anyone is qualified to write about love, with all he has seen and done, it is Bob. A perfect summer read.

  • 3. Inspiration

Reinhart Bonnke. A king in the Kingdom of heaven. He passed away on the 7th of December at 79 years. His ministry saved the lives of 79 million people and changed their course of eternity forever. Can you imagine? That is three times the population of Australia. His ministry transformed and is continuing to transform the globe. Literally.

Reading his book Living a Life of Fire was mesmerising. Please if you haven’t read it, you are missing out more than I can fully articulate in words.  You will cry, laugh and your perspective on life will be transformed forever. I was undone when I read it. I loved it on Audible.

  • 4. Short Clip

The Power Of Vulnerability. This has been watched over 40 million times. There is a reason. It is one of the worlds top five most viewed Ted Talks. WATCH IT! Brene Browne is a modern day hero and certainly one of mine.

Two readers Comments.

Gillian on “What is your relationship with your doctor like?”

Doctors that choose to go into general practice are amazing. They have to put up with so much and if they dare charge a gap their patients don’t hesitate to leave them for what is often inferior care in bulk billing practices. I love the fact that my doctor listens to me and let’s me have opinions about my health care but will tell me if I’m doing the wrong thing.

Samantha on “what is your relationship with your Doctor like?”

I love my doctor. She listens genuinely and takes time for me, doesn’t discredit my hesitation on certain suggestion and even researches some of my requests. “

Thank you for your comments. It always makes my day.

Holidays are coming Beloveds! That means Plenty of time to read some books, watch some Ted talks and most importantly spend some time determining the mission statement of you and your family.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life


Oh my goodness. Asians and selfie sticks. Like, really! I rarely see someone without one. Oh, how about a selfie next to this nice Rock? Snap. Oh look, a white fence. Snap. Oh look! A building! A brown one… SNAP! Oh the Sun!?! Double Snap. Pause for Lip stick reapplication (using the back of my phone). Oh, a pole to lean against, SNAPITY SNAP SNAP!

Nothing touristy about a selfie stick. It is just an excuse to take a bunch of photos next to a whole heap of boring things and call it “sight-seeing.”

P.S Did you get last weeks Four things?

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