A Tribute To Christmas Shopping

Patience… Evidently I need more.

“Do you need help looking for something?” Said the overly helpful 13 (maybe 15) year old at the Smiggles, where I was hoping to do ALL my Christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews in one big bang. “No thank you.” I replied almost rudely in an effort to make it impeccably clear that I did not need help to select my purchases.

“No worries, I’ll just let you know that there is 20% of everything store wide.” She continued in her over bubbly annoying voice.

“Thank you so much. Cause if you hadn’t mentioned it, who knows, maybe I would have missed one of the million signs stating just that, that you have managed to plaster on every spare corner of your shop.” I said inside of my head.

I stuffed presents into my basket. My husband ‘assisted’ with a running commentary of deeply helpful questions such as, “How old is Hadassah again?” And “isn’t Amy a bit old for this bag?” And “Would Kai like a diary with a nice pen” No Mark, KAI JUST TURNED ONE!

Oh My Goodness.

Between my husband and the overly enthusiastic 12 year old who came by every minute to see if “I needed any help” and to make sure I hadn’t forgotten that it was “20 percent off,” by the time I left Smiggles, I wanted to l light a fire underneath it.

As I elbowed my way through the crowd to try and find the specific cook book my sister wanted I felt my levels of irritation rising. Was half of the entire continent of Asian at the shops today? (Garden City is heavily populated with Asians). I made it to the third book store that “had it in stock” on their computers but not on their shelves.

“Some food will curb my mood”, I thought. I stood in the line to the sushi I had been craving for the last three days. The sushi I wanted is called the grilled scallop sushi. It is tiny and cute with a huge grilled scallop on the top of each wrap, with a desirable, cute amount of kewpi mayo. As I waited in line, a chubby white man proceeded to buy the entire row of scallop sushi.

I watched helplessly as the dainty Asian packaged every last bit of my favourite sushi into little packets to disappear into his mouth… In like 2 bites. Yes I watched him eat it. I wanted to rush over and confiscate them. Almost sensing my thoughts Mark gave me a warning look. I couldn’t help it! He clearly was NOT appreciating them as much as I would have… I settled for a grilled salmon, which was okay just not what I had been craving… It is never the same.

By the time I left the shop, I was barely still saved.

I walked out with my unruffled, endlessly patient husband and I realised… I need more patience in my life.

Any ideas on how to get some?

Come at me beloved! Hit me with your advice.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life


And so you know I am NOT a racist. My mum is Filipino. My dad, Sri Lankan and Portuguese… I am basically 100% Asian…

P.S. And I am NEVER shopping with my husband EVER AGAIN. Have you read Letter to My husband?  

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