A Christmas Day Tribute To My Greenie

Who Has been Your Hero this Year?

It is Christmas Day. A day of celebrating the overwhelming love of our Father.

A day of celebrating the love we have for each other, friends, family and neighbours.

A day of reflection

On this joyous day I am reflecting on someone who has been without doubt my absolute standout hero this year.

He has built a brand-new Bible College and a wonderful leadership team. Investing and changing the lives of over 50 students and 13 people on his leadership.

He has supported me in the most tender way while we both walked through some of the most emotional and deeply heartbreaking circumstances this year.

He held my hand as I leapt back into the world of medicine. Picked me up after long 13 hour shifts and 70 hour weeks. He told me over and over that I am strong. I am smart. I belong in medicine. He continually reminded and kept my perspective on what the most important things are.

He constantly dreams with me about the calling of our lives.

He associates my happiness and success as his. They are one and the same to him.

He remembers that my love language is acts of service. So he picks up my Facebook market place purchases from random locations. He washes my clothes every day. Every night he loads the dishwasher and every morning empties it before I get home from the gym. He buys me watermelon and mangoes from a special fruit shop at an inconvenient location from our house as he knows that the quality will be the best. He fills the car with petrol (I can’t remember the last time I filled up). He reminds me to pack my takeaway mug every day for work. When we shop he doesn’t let me carry to many shopping bags.

He models the love and kindness of Jesus every single day. And his relationship with God inspires me to deeper intimacy with the Father.

He laughs… like really laughs at my jokes. He cries when I cry. And is happiest when I am okay. I love him. I cherish him. When at work, I can’t wait till I get to be with him again. And when I am with him, I dread being away from him.

My hero and my best friend. Greenie.

Here is to another year, and then another, and then another. A lifetime would not be enough to spend with you my beloved…

Who has been your hero this year?

Please share in the comments below!

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink: I Love my Greenie. He even comes to watch Girlie movies with me…. He says he  just loves to have me sit still beside him cuddled up for two hours. That makes it worth it for him. Seriously who is this guy?

P.S have you read: What’s your love language?

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