4 Things Worth A Look And A Listen.

This is the SECOND time I wrote this article.

The first time my computer shut down and I lost everything.

SO, excuse me if it is short and brief and NOT as fun as usual. I definitely am having the opposite of fun writing this the second time after an incredibly LONG day. Lord Help me!

  • 1 – Podcast

I Loved exploring the prophetic with Daniel Geraci. This incredible man opened a Disaster Relief Network which has more than 190 churches, 42,000 volunteers and more than 15.5 million dollars donated to rebuilding and recovery after disasters. Isn’t that the best? The church should be the light in the darkest hours. It shows love has to look like something. Love has hands and feet. What an inspiration.  

  • 2 – Second Podcast

The Moth. Finding this podcast was such a highlight. It is a collaboration of different stories from around the world. Each week the podcast has a theme, each story is true and every voice authentic and heart-warming in its own way. I love stories and this podcast was SUCH find. The first ten minutes of this podcast is utterly heart-warming. Listen here to A Phone call.

  • 3 – Recipe

Love this recipe of Fish Curry. LUSH and simple. I don’t care if its summer. Greenie and I are curry munchers. We Turn up the air-con or sit on the balcony in the breeze and dig in! We had curry twice this week! But if you’re after a refreshing salad that is still a show stopper… Celebration salmon salad is a WINNER. Also this crumb cake looks interesting! I have a HUGE weakness for ginger in my cakes…. Got it off my Dad I think. I am flirting with making this cake for the NYE festivities ahead.

  • 4 – Bathers

I am after new bathers. I have been Loving the Calvin Klein Line.  Thoughts?  These white bathers the best.

That’s it from me.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink: So rewriting that was not the worst after all. I definitely waffle less the second time. I waffle ALOT when writing. How do you all put up with me?

P.S. Did you get last week’s Four fun things?

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