Choosing Trust Again…

This week someone who I love almost unbearably and trust impeccably made a genuine mistake and let me down. They overlooked something that was deeply important to me and made a mistake that rocked me.

While the mistake was a genuine oversight, the ramifications to me were significant and costly.

Over the last few days I have had a genuine opportunity to learn what it is like to recover when someone you love deeply and put a lot of trust in lets you down.

I have realised something. It is sometimes much harder to forgive and trust someone you love deeply as opposed to someone who does not hold a place of deep value and stability in your life.  

  • It takes determination to choose to forgive
  • It takes humility to choose forgiveness over being right
  • It takes great strength to choose to trust again
  • It takes integrity to forgive with no agenda. To trust again without conditions or price tags.
  • It takes the greatest courage to walk it out and put trust into action

But my beloveds, this is what builds true trust. This is what builds true friendship and intimacy. This is what builds true connection.

So I choose to trust again. And hope and pray that when I mess up others will do the same for me.

Beloved who do you need to choose to trust again?

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign In Life

Wink: This week I was out walking with my Greenie in Southbank, and I came upon a sweet young Asian couple taking a selfie on their selfie stick. It was the longest selfie stick I have ever seen. As they posed I noticed in his hand another selfie stick attached to his phone. Seriously… They had one each? A back up selfie stick? It’s an epidemic.

P.S. What’s your love language?

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