We Australians – Full of Guts, Generosity and Gumption

As our nation endures ferocious fires, many of our fellow beloved Australians are suffering the loss of their homes, everything they have ever owned, their livelihood and community. Some have even lost their lives as millions of hectares have burned down around us.

I have been inspired and blessed, even as this tragedy continues, as my fellow Australians rise up and put their hands up to help. Australians have been giving their hard-earned money to charities such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Hillsong raised over one million dollars (think what you want about them, I think they are getting it DONE). Others have volunteered their time and expertise to practically help survivors. Wealthy Australians such as Packer and Minogue and countless celebrities and wealthy families have made huge contributions, leading the way in Australian generosity.

We are ranked the fourth most generous nation in the world, and this is a great example of why

As Australians band together to raise money, lend a hand, reach deep into their pockets to give, and deep into their hearts for fellow Australians, I am reminded at what an incredible country I live in, the calibre of Aussie’s I am surrounded with and the true pride and patriotism I feel for my country.

Let’s continue to give generously, pray endlessly, have boundless grace for one another (and for our government) and seek ways to practically help. Let’s not waste energy pointing fingers and blaming leaders. Rather let us seek ways where we can give in every and any way we can.

And to all those whose lives are turned upside down in this moment, our hearts are with you, our prayers cover you, and we are with you in this

If you feel to give in any way, here is a great article outlining different ways to give here.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in life

Wink: It’s hard to wink after writing a sobering article like that. But I have to tell you about my new favourite café: Industry. LUSH. And everything is white!

P.S My favourite article from last week ‘ the opposite of gossip’

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