4 Fabulous (And Fun) Things For Your Weekend

Beloved. I have had the most dreamy seven days planning our lives with Greenie. Gosh, It has been LUSH with a capitol L (and USH). We have planned ferociously, written goals, declarations, revisited values, and talked together endlessly. It truly has been utterly restorative to go into 2020 with clear eyes and an inspired heart.

In other news. This week here are some things that really stood out to me:

  • 1 – Podcast

Cathy Heller “Don’t Quit your Day Job.” Cathy is the host of the popular podcast “Don’t Quit your Day Job” and is a phenomenal coach for entrepreneurs. She says this, “Purpose is the opposite of depression.” I found this incredibly practical, insightful and engaging. Perfect if you are an entrepreneur or have hobbies you want to see become your vocation. Have a Listen! She has turned her passion into a multi-million dollar business and knows what she is talking about!

  • 2 – Article

Smash the wellness industry.

This is a fascinating article challenging many health kicks as being diets in disguise, with the main outcome being weight loss over health, and an underlying value skinny is beautiful. It is confronting and unfortunately has many truths to it. Once you have read please comment. I would love to know your thoughts.

  • 3 – Café

Industry. I love seeing businesses doing well, and these guys are killing it. They have exploded in Melbourne and have just opened up in Newstead in Brisbane. Fruit Sashimi, Cured papaya, wattle seed rice crisp, cold brew panna cotta, blood orange gel, compressed watermelon, fresh berries and coffee caviar?

This alongside the best iced long black you could ask for. DELICIOUS!

  • 4 – TV Series

The West Wing. Why have I not watched this before? It is the most fascinating political drama. The script is just fantastic and it is a very insightful look at how a nation truly rises and falls on leadership. Greenie and I are just loving it. We are watching it on Stan.

That’s my four things for the week beloved!

I must get back to my holiday.

You are DEEPLY loved and RICHLY cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Reign in Life

Wink. I have been to the dentist far to much lately. They love to put their hands in your mouth and than ask you questions at the same time! It is so weird. “What do you do for work?”, “Have you had a busy day”, “ What are you up to for the rest of the day?”. I am like, “Your entire hand is inside my mouth! If that wasn’t enough surely the 4 needles I got prior to starting so that I cannot feel my entire face is going to prevent me from having the desire, or ability from managing articulating anything beyond a grunt or two!”

It is very strange. Do they want me to answer? Why are they even asking questions? Does your dentist talk to you while using his tools of torture?

Double Wink. Have you bought our connection book yet? I talk about my big black crush! (and so much more) Get it here

P.S. Did you get last week’s Four things?

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