Switch On Your Brain – A Life Changing Read

(Changing The Way You Think)

This is the book I have been waiting for. A book which incorporates science, research, medicine, the scriptures, and a righteousness lens that we are new creations in Christ!

As a doctor who lives, breathes and practices medicine day in and day out, I can be disheartened at time with how the world of medicine, and the word of God seem to be so separated from one another.

Dr Caroline Leaf pioneers an astonishing new way. She has fought for decades to show in her research that what we think truly affects our physical and mental health. In fact 85% or more of illnesses are a direct result of our thought life. What’s more, we have free will and an incredible ability to change and rewire the way we think. This can change our health, reverse chronic disease and deliver us from toxic thinking, which leads to stress, anxiety, depression and OCD. We can even change our DNA and genetic composition.

Sound Crazy? She has decades of research and science to back it up, not to mention 22 years of clinical experience, plus the 100’s of 1000’s of people who’s lives are being transformed around the world.

She relates everything to scripture, it is genuinely blowing my mind.

Get the book here, Switch on your Brain. Also, you can do the program of a 21 day brain Detox. You can download the app for this.

I will be doing the detox and have the app ready to go. I have a feeling it will change my life.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health


I have to ask you. When people go into public toilets do they lose all etiquette? Like, all of a sudden it is okay to urinate on the floor? Or if you do a number two, leave remains there for the world to see? Seriously! It’s like we all become animals because it’s a public toilet and it is not our problem!

We can do better! If you do a wee, get it in the toilet. If you happen to miss (which I find hard to believe as a girl), that’s okay! Just wipe the seat after yourself. If you do a number two that’s okay as well, but flush, and make sure you do not leave a surprise for the next visitor! There are brushes there! Clean it up sunshine. It is NOT the little cleaner’s job to do it for you! She comes once a day, and there are 1000 more people who will use the toilet prior to her arrival! That is all!

Yes I just came from a shopping centre where I used the toilet from hell.

P.S. Have you Read Four Ways To Hold a Victorious Mindset.

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