4 Fantabulous Things For January


Huge news. This week I deleted Facebook from my phone. And I am only going to check it three times a week. Big deal for me. What will I miss the most? Facebook Marketplace. I had a moderate addiction. Weird but True. I was checking it far too much and it was stopping me from being present. Now in the Lift. I don’t check my phone. When I have a free few minutes while waiting, I think, reflect, take some deep breathes, and talk to someone! It actually is making a big impact on my life. So much more time to be present.

  • 1 – Podcast

Here is a fascinating Podcast.  Kyle Cease – The Illusion of Money, Sitting in Silence, Social Media Boundaries. I loved listening to different voices. Here is a comedian, transformational speaker and New York Times Bestselling author. I really enjoyed his point of view.

  • 2 – Designer

Alice Mccall. I was introduced to this incredible brand this week when I made my final purchase from Facebook marketplace. After I fell in love with my new play suit, I had to look the brand up! And OMG. LUSH! Seriously. She is classic, and sexy, and lacey and all together too much. Favourite dreses ,and I love this outfit for work (guaranteed it wont show my midriff as I am half the models height). And HOW CUTE ARE THESE SHORTS!

  •  3 – Book

Switch On Your Brain. I Am so excited about this book. It is changing my life. So much so I wrote about it here. After you read the book, if you want to change the way you think, get rid of toxic thought patterns like me, then you can do her program here. I am doing the program and it is changing my life! I downloaded the App which you can get here.

  • 4 – Celebrity

Dr Caroline Leaf. Where have you been my whole life? How have I not known about you? Switch on your brain! The book I am reading has introduced me to this incredible woman. Learn more about her in this Ted talk here. Here is a podcast she did that blew my mind. How to make stress work for you and not against you + quantum physics, epigenetic and more. I am reading her book switch on your brain which you can get here. 

That is it from me this week. I pray you are intentionally learning every single day! You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health

Wink: So talk to me about fried chicken! Seriously, it is a thing at the moment. Move over KFC, there are Fried chicken joints popping up everywhere and it appears to be becoming trendy. In the city yesterday there was a fried chicken restaurant where each customer was served their fried chicken with a pair of plastic gloves for the consumer to don while eating! Never mind what all that grease and oil is doing to your arteries, heart and cholesterol, but goodness if you get a smidgen of oil on your hand, now that would be lethal. Best we give you a glove!

P.S. Did you get last week’s Four Interesting Things?

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