Own Your Health – Changing The Way You Think, Eat and Live!

95% of chronic diseases can be prevented by changing the way we think, eat and live

Many of you know that I am a medical Doctor. The problem is, as doctors we mostly end up treating diseases that are 100% preventable. Damage is often hard to reverse, habits are to established and drugs are often a necessary by the time we see our patients.

Moreover, if there are any attempts to make modifications, often there is an unbalanced focus on changing what we eat, or changing how we exercise, rather than an understanding of how how we THINK, how we EAT and how we LIVE work harmoniously together.

Only by combining all three can we optimise health in every way and live our best lives.

We Can Do This! We are in charge of our own health. Not the doctor, not our Genes, Not our circumstances. WE ARE!

So in light of this I have recently sharpened my voice. My future writings will be in regards to:

OWN YOUR HEALTH – Changing the Way You Think, Eat, And Live.

Changing the way we Think:

Taking control of toxic thoughts, and building healthy thought patterns builds healthy mindsets. Healthy mindsets lead to victorious lives, and healthy bodies.

Changing the way we Eat:

The single most powerful thing you can do in regards to your health is changing what you eat.

Changing the Way We Live:

Putting into practice what we are learning about the right things to Eat and the right ways to think is the hard (but rewarding) part. Learning how to Change the way we Live is where the rubber meets the road and let’s be honest, the part that matters most.

So beloved, let’s learn to Own our health together

Look forward to some grabbing, transparent, informative and inspiring articles coming your way in 2020!

You are deeply loved,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health – Changing the Way you Think, Eat and Live.


I was doing very well avoiding processed sugar. And then some caramel Kit Kat fell into my mouth. OMG. That stuff is sincerely the best. I think that in heaven there will be a sea of caramel Kit Kat that will taste the same, but be devoid of sugar and every other preservative in it that makes it taste so divine.

P.S Speaking of Changing the Way You Live: Have you read… 5 Lifestyle Changes that help to decrease stress.

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