Highlights From My Week! (4 Things)

Changing The Way You Eat, Think, And Live.

Here are some highlights From my Week:

1 – What I listened to: Podcast

A Faith That Leaves Room for Questions: Andy Stanley.

From “For the Love” podcast with the wonderful Jen Hatmaker. She interviews Andy Stanley, who has the 2nd largest church in the US. Yet he asks these hard deep questions about Jesus and encourages curiosity. His motto that the truth of the Bible can stand up to the toughest questions, is one of the many reasons that makes him an incredible leader. I LOVED this podcast. And it held my attention the whole way through. Greenie loved it too. Have a listen if you want to hear the most articulate, intelligent and incredible leader with an interesting take on Faith.

2 – What I Did:

I started a Diploma in Medical Nutrition from Bond University. This course is aimed at Doctors who want to specialise in Nutrition. I want to be an expert in the things I am passionate about and am teaching about. So For those of you who have been thinking of doing that extra study, DO IT! The discipline of studying is so good for us. And it is worth the investment of your time and money 100 times over. The money and time you invest in yourself is invaluable. SO DO IT!

3 – What I want to Buy:

I saw a doctor at work wearing this amazing simple classy button up shirt and it made me start to want to get a classic collared shirt. Fantastic with a pair of shorts, or dressed up with a skirt for work, or high pants for any occasion… LOVED THIS NUMBER from Tommy. I think it is one of those Items that you’d wear over and over.

4 – What I Ate:

So my husband went to Italy a few years ago and ever since could not stop talking about the Buffalo Mozzarella cheese. I thought he was exaggerating because he is Italian and they tend to do that about their food (and many other things for that matter). Anyway, turns out in this case, HE WASN’T! I had the most incredible real, fresh Buffalo Mozzarella at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant. It was unlike anything I have eaten. It melted in my mouth. Literally. Spoilt for life and I can never eat normal cheese ever again. Seriously, I don’t know how you can get your hands on the real deal like I did, But You need to… And DO IT FAST! Jamie’s Italian Restaurant has a few locations around Australia and is a pretty good start (My beloved friend gave Greenie a voucher for his birthday) Go treat yourself.

Two Reader Comments:

Trudi on “4 Compelling Reasons to Stop Eating Processed Sugar:

“Such a good point about focusing on what you CAN eat rather than what you CAN’T! Love that. Sugar is so bloody addictive, ugh. I have been wanting to get more serious about this area for a while so Thank You! I shall start the weaning process 😀”

Mandy on “4 Compelling Reasons to Stop Eating Processed Sugar:

“Excellent article! Love this on so many levels! Starting the conversation for those who have never considered the effects of sugar is a game changer!! So good!!”

Lastly. PLEASE watch this video of our Aussie farmers celebrating the rain as it finally comes on our thirsty land!

Invest into your learning today beloved. Actively seek to read new things, listen to new topics, and make new memories and experiences every single week.

Let us continually consider how we can best change the way We think, eat and live to keep our minds active, our hearts connected and our lives full of Joy, in order to be at our Ultimate Health.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health

Wink: Also This Australia Day I ate a Sausage with Tomato sauce… Cause I am an AUSTRALIAN and that is what Australians do… right? (okay maybe I had some Indian mango chutney and chilli on the side….

P.S Have you read last week’s Four Fun things.

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