Thankfulness – The Secret To Hope

(Changing The Way You Think)

I found myself thinking this week about the deep seeded longing of my heart. The things I desire that have not yet come to pass… I found my spirit starting to sink into pain and despair. Hopelessness.

But then I felt God remind me of his promises

I remembered He was good. I remembered a wise beloved friend’s words:

“If it does not have a happy ending, then it is not the end yet.”

Even through the despair and anguish I felt, I forced myself to start thanking God out loud. I thanked him for his promises. I thanked Him for being good. I thanked Him that His promises always end in Yes and Amen.

I forced myself to worship.

At first all I felt was despair. But then, like a flood, the washing of his peace came over me. As I continued to thank Him and sing hope started to fill my heart and spirit again.

Are there things that you are hoping and waiting for? Me too…

Hold them up to the Father. Stand firm in seeing them through the right Lens. Through His eyes and through His promises.

And most importantly thank Him for what he is going to do as though it has already happened.

I promise, His peace and truth will wash over you. You will dream and hope again.

And while you do, perhaps play this, “You Are Good.”

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health

Wink I don’t want to wink… This article was far to serious.

Okay Wait I do! Have you ever wondered if the Uber Eats delivery riders sometimes become overwhelmed with the smell of your delicious takeout and they sneak a chip or two? Seriously, why not? As if your going to know. And they are hungry! They are delivering food non stop, ON A BICYCLE… Most of them are like 16 years old or international students. They are HUNGRY and your food smells good. I would DEFINITELY be sneaking a chip or three. Who would know?! And they would be so hot and fresh.

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