My Highlights – A Podcast, Article, Recipe and Two Quotes

(Own Your Health – Changing the Way You Live)
  • 1 – Favourite Podcast

Jump start Your Faith. Bethel Sermon of the week. Bill Johnson truly touched my heart this week with his podcast about exhorting us into passionately seeking the Father’s heart. Oh gosh did this bless me.

  • 2 – Good Read

The key to a really easy dinner party. I loved this article. Have you ever tried to or wanted to have a dinner party but the thought of the organising and orchestration of the night stops you? Well read this!

  • 3 – Favourite recipe

Juicy Poached chicken. My husband is obsessed with poached chicken at the moment. Seriously, made right it really is amazing. We put ours on top of an epic salad, or with some blanched greens dressed with good olive oil. It is so delicious. Also perfect for lunch the next day. On that note, I have perfected the perfect French omelette. And needless to say, now it is hard to eat omelette any other way.

Note – Make sure you use good quality butter or sub for good quality olive oil… or both…

  • 4 – Two Quotes

“Anyone who thinks that it is not possible to have intimacy with God and fear Him is clearly not married. I am intimate with my wife and simultaneously afraid of her.” – Bill Johnson. (Mark has been repeating this all week).

“More often than not, being brave means doing it scared.”  Michael Hyatt.

That’s it from me.

Know you are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health: Changing the Way You Think, Eat and Live

Wink: Does anyone have weeks where you make the same thing for dinner nearly every night? We have had omelette nearly everyday lately. No exaggeration. Ask my husband. Hence me googling perfect French Omelette in an attempt to disguise the fact that I am feeding my husband omelette non stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

P.S have you read Four Fun Things for January.

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