Own Your Health – An Interview With David Balestri

Own Your Health – Changing the Way We Think And Live, With David Balestri

I have had the privilege of being mentored by this incredible man. He is a highly successful businessman, a leadership coach, an executive pastor, and an incredible father of four and Husband to a beautiful woman. I am constantly inspired by him and privileged to be mentored by him. He speaks all around the world to businessmen and leaders and I got to interview him this week to gain some insight into how he incorporates excellence and discipline into his life.

Here it is! In David’s Own Words.

David. For those who don’t know you, could you describe briefly what it is you do and what you are passionate about?

“I’m an executive business coach who helps entrepreneurs and CEOs actualise theirs and their enterprises fullest potential.

I am also part of the senior leadership of a church on the Central Coast called Hope Unlimited Church, where my main role in the church is to minister to and support the kingdom business people in our campuses (Currently there a close to 150 business people in our midst)

I’m passionate about helping people get clear about who they are, how they are uniquely wired and engaging with their purpose in life.”

Doing everything with excellence is something you are passionate about. What are some practical ways you have incorporated discipline in your life in order to be at the top of your game?

“Excellence begins with an internal commitment first. Until we decide that we have something of worth to bring into the earth that only we can bring we will struggle to be consistent and disciplined in bringing our very best to every situation

Perfectionism is the false notion of excellence, as perfectionism is nothing more than a distorted fear deep inside of us that we actually don’t have anything valuable to contribute, so we self-sabotage by placing the bar of achievement so high that we can never attain it.

Practically speaking excellence is about building on small daily incremental wins that come from implementing rituals and practices that are achievable. 

I think that I would say that I am committed to continual learning from information, the example of people and practice.

It usually only takes a moment longer to do something better than you did before. I appreciate that most things will require a commitment of time, focus energy and feedback before we attain any level of excellence or success in them.”

How do you balance relying on the favour and blessing of God versus having motivation and the discipline to become excellent at your craft?

“For me everything I do comes from the revelation that we were created to be reflectors of God and His glory in the earth.

My role is to come into alignment with the favour of God through intimacy with Him, finding my core identity in my sonship position in His family and discerning His assignment on my life.

When these 3 dynamics are accurately in play then I become a conduit of His power and favour flowing through me.

The work or discipline of my craft then is built from this place of ultimate internal rest, rather than the striving of the hustle and grind that those outside of Christ only have!”

What is a bit of advice that you could give someone who is struggling to find the time to  incorporate discipline in their lives to invest in themselves to study, read and find the time to become excellent at the things they are called too. 

The issue that you are struggling to find the time is the biggest indication that you need to “find” or “make” the time. We unfortunately have created cluttered lives and so the first step would be what can I let go off or stop doing to create some space to begin to build a stronger life.

The first level of prosperity is not money, it’s clarity, clarity helps you refine what you should stop doing and what you should start doing. Time then gives you options of engagement. Engagement then brings freedom to you which produces a richness around your world.”

What are some resources that you used to better yourself? Podcast/ Articles/ Formal study

“For me the resources that I engage with are:

1. Great books and courses

2. Great videos and podcasts

3. Great relationships with mentors

4. Great conferences and networks

5. Great adventures that expand me

As a successful businessman, a leadership coach, a minister, and an executive Pastor how do you have time in your life to continually learn, study, and invest into learning and being at the top of your game.

“The time daily to reinvest in me is non-negotiable, I have forged this pattern of daily growth into my life since I was 21 years old. I’m now 47 and have over 13,000 hours invested inside of me. It is such a second nature to me that the only way it will stop is death!”

What an inspiration he is.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. You can find more about David Balestri here.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health – Changing The Way You Think, Eat And Live


This photo made my husband want to grow his beard back. Needless to say he joins me in the David Balestri Fan Club.

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