3 Thoughts On When To Give Advice And When To Keep Silent

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Have you ever had someone give you poorly timed, inappropriate and uninvited advice?

Have you ever had something to say, but not known if it were the right time, or if you were the right person to say it?

Have you ever wondered if what you had to say would be valid or helpful?

I have! Time and time again.

As someone who has no trouble speaking her mind, knowing when to speak and when to keep quiet, is something I am determined to master. For those who I have observed who have mastered it (Greenie is exceptional) have so much integrity and a deep maturity.

So this is something I think about a lot.

Here are three things I have learned so far:

  • 1 – Just because I have an opinion, this does not mean that it is helpful to someone else, or that it is invited. Even if someone is pouring out their heart to me, unless they specifically ask for my opinion, it may not be the right time or place for them to hear what I think. So unless my opinion is specifically asked for I try to not give it.
  • 2 – Unless I have been given a place in someone’s heart or life and invited into a space of leadership or friendship, it is not my place to offer advice or to feel a responsibility to give it. To regularly people like the sound of their own voice. Furthermore, it is not my place to give my opinion about that person to anyone else. Best I focus on my own life and friendships and not busy body around any one else I have not been given access to.
  • 3 – When invited into a space where someone wants to hear the advice I have to give, it is well received, appreciated and valued. The person feels loved to receive feedback that they asked for and have an open heart too, and I feel welcomed into that space to give open honest advice.

The right environment, and a word of wisdom at the right time, can change the course of one’s life forever.

So there you have it.

Love to know any wisdom you have learned on giving advice. Post below.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

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P.S Have you read Thankfulness, the secret to hope?

2 thoughts on “3 Thoughts On When To Give Advice And When To Keep Silent

  1. Cliff Meyer says:

    I can remember not long after my marriage breakup and finding myself in a holding pattern of despair, a dear friend from a local cafe told I needed to get a purpose in life. That among other wise words since have lead me to where I am now. It was however the very beginning of a spark in me that has continued to flourish. And what’s more this dear friend and I don’t share a similar theology in any way. He was an atheist! Believing that I can return the favour some day.

    1. Christine says:

      Cliff! Love this… And miss you xx

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