Valentine’s Day – A Marketing Ploy OR An Opportunity For Love?

Our first valentine’s day, 11 years ago, Greenie and I had been together for only 2 weeks. He bought a huge vase and filled it with my favourite lollies (I was 19 and LOVED lollies, still do if truth be known). There were milkos and chickos and redskins, all the big winners. He filled the vase to the brim with sugary goodness. Alongside it was the biggest rose and the sweetest card.

That was the first and last valentine’s gift I received from Greenie.

After that, the truth came out. Valentine’s day was in his eyes, cheesy, and insincere. In fact, he finds it annoying… In truth, I tend to agree. So in the past, we have not celebrated February the 14th. Don’t get me wrong, we constantly celebrate and gift things to each other, but tend to avoid the buzz of Valentine’s.

This year, for some reason, I am starting to wonder, are we missing out on an opportunity to love and celebrate one another? Are we being unnecessarily cynical?

I wonder. What do you think? Do you celebrate valentine’s day? I would love to know.

Post your answer below I would LOVE to hear what you think and how you celebrate valentine’s day.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished

Dr Christine Greenwood

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I am torn between feeling deeply sorry for and incredibly angry at telemarketers. On one hand, they are hard-working employees trying to earn a living in a terrible vocation. On the other, they are intrusive and insistent, and so so so sneaky. They talk like they know you!  They call from an actual mobile number so you take their call. Then you can’t get them off the phone unless you hang up on them! And by that time I am so angry at the interruption and time wastage. Then I feel bad for being so rude. 

Seriously,  how is telemarketing even legal?! And surely it NEVER works? Has anyone ever bought anything of a telemarketer? Ever? When will they learn there are more effective ways to sell!?

P.S What is your Love Language? Have you read this? 

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