Own Your Health – An Interview With Taryn Rose

Changing The Way You Think And Live.

Meet one of my best friends, Taryn Rose, who is an incredibly accomplished business woman. She has worked with some of the biggest brands worldwide, including Moet, Bentley and Renault. She recently launched her own business called ‘The Good Crew’. She has authored and published her own book and is a dynamic and creative writer. I have a feeling she is only just beginning. Most importantly, she is also among the wisest, most humble people I have met, and is a constant inspiration to me. 

I interviewed her this week in my ‘own your own health’ series. She had realms of wisdom to offer. 

Here is our interview. 

For those who don’t know you, can you give a brief bio of who you are and what you do.

“I’m a creative strategist, communicator and author. I started my career in design, then moved through brand experience & campaign strategy to end up as a bit of an all-rounder! I recently co-founded The Good Crew — a collective of marketers and creative specialists who work together to solve problems and help businesses grow.” 

Recently you left home and country, a secure well-paying job, a beautiful inner city apartment and a supportive community and shifted yourself from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast. What made you throw security to the wind and make a bold courageous move

“The short version of the story is that I moved to go on a life-adventure. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with my life in Melbourne so it wasn’t about running away, but when I saw a few different circumstances aligning and was given the opportunity to work remotely, I realised that there was an invitation to do something new. I love adventures and I love learning — and the natural disruption that you face when moving to a new place, community and sub-culture is an incredible opportunity to embrace both those things. I definitely did my due-diligence before I moved, but there was also a bit of a sense of “why not?!” about the decision, after all the Sunshine Coast is pretty much paradise!” 

You have recently launched yourself out in a new business. How did this come about?

“I’ve worked in design, brand and marketing for nearly 15 years with multinational businesses, non-profits, government right through to founders starting out. My business partner and I realised that the old model of creative agency doesn’t fit the new reality that people find themselves in and so wanted to build something that really met needs of founders and businesses today and our proposition is pretty simple — do good work for good people. In many ways it’s been a leap of faith going out on our own, but the early signs are showing that what we’re building is really resonating with people!

You have done all these things without the luxury of a supportive partner. What is it like as an incredibly independent, intelligent, young single woman? What is great about it? What is hard about it.?

That is true, although I think what I have had is a team of incredible friends and family around me cheering me on through all the changes and challenges! 

There are so many great things about being single (which as a side note I don’t think we celebrate enough!) A big one is that you do have more time to invest in other relationships —my life is incredibly relationally rich. And you have loads of freedom and independence — you don’t need to align your schedule with anyone or make your decisions based on someone else’s career plans — which means that there’s this increased potential for taking on new opportunities and adventures. 

The downside of all the independence is that it can be really lonely. While sharing a life with someone does mean compromising some freedoms and sacrificing things, it also positions you as part of team and there’s something profoundly beautiful about being in it together. “

What does Courage mean to you? In what ways have you been courageous this year

I believe we often mis-label courage. Just because something is high-risk doesn’t mean we’re demonstrating courage by doing it — we might simply be being reckless. I think courage is more about about weighing up a situation from all angles, knowing the potential implications or outcomes and then choosing to grow, whether that means stepping out into something new or remaining where we are. 

Moving interstate, starting a business, leaving my home all ‘look’ very courageous from the outside, but I think the truly courageous things took place in quietness of my heart. Choosing to wrestle with uncomfortable questions rather than brushing them aside, choosing to acknowledge disappointments rather than filling my life so full I didn’t have to feel it, choosing to ask and accept feedback from those near me — these were the most courageous things I did this year.”

What is one bit of advice you would have told yourself one year ago, that you have learned this last year?

“I’m an achiever by nature, I love doing, building, creating. But this past year I’ve learned the power of rest. Just as we were made to work, we were also made to rest. So now I work hard but I also rest hard! I would tell Taryn of a year ago to stop feeling guilty about rest and realise that it’s actually one of the most productive things you can do. I’ve now seen the fruit of rest — increased creativity, a deeper sense of peace and clarity in my everyday.” 

What is one bit of advice you could give someone who is thinking of launching in a bold new decision whether it’s to do with relationships, careers, shifting locations, or changing communities? 

Do your homework. Listening to God is a huge part of my personal decision-making process but I also really value deep reflection, hard questions and wise council. We are called to be courageous and to absolutely take risks, but it’s wasteful to be reckless.” 

Goodness me. How is she so Hot and Wise at the same time. 

I have been mulling over so much of what she said. 

Please check out Taryn’s new business launch. Find it here at

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health

Changing the way you Think Eat and Live


So this Valentines day Mark bought me roses, and I made him his favourite dinner. I really really liked celebrating it. Maybe we are valentine’s day people after all. 

P.S Own Your Health With David Ballestri. 

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