A Podcast, An Article, A Movie & Two Quotes!

  • 1 – Podcast

Jumpstart Your Faith.

This is the most incredible podcast. I have been yearning for more of Jesus lately. To know Him more. To have more discipline in my life. More hunger. 

This message just spoke so deeply to my heart and spirit.  It just is the most inspiring and exhorting podcast from Papa Bill. Please make some time to listen my beloveds. 

  • 2 – Article

The 39 Best Oscar Dresses of All Time.

Take a trip down memory Lane with me. I LOVE Fashion and I actually really loved looking at all the dresses which were hits, and seeing how fashion changes year by year but some dresses are endlessly classic and timeless. 

  • 3 – Movie

Here is an interesting movie. JoJo Rabbit. A simultaneously charming, confronting, and utterly endearing movie about world war two through the eyes of a young German Boy. What a movie. Please make sure you watch my beloveds.

  • 4 – Two Quotes

“Practically speaking, excellence is about building on small daily incremental wins that come from implementing rituals and practises that are achievable.” David Balletri.

For more read his full interview here.

“Happiness is not related to circumstances and more related to one’s ability to reframe their circumstance through different lenses.” – Robert Mack

  • 5 – Readers comment

Liz on her favourite book:

“I recently read a book that powerfully impacted me and fanned into flames my heart for justice. Highly recommend it! The book was Eggshell Skull by Bri Lee.”

Thanks Liz I can’t WAIT to read it.

And thank you to everyone for reading and writing in.

You are all precious to me. Continue to join me as we learn to Own Our Health.

You are deeply loved and richly cherished,

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health

Changing the way we Eat, Think, and Live

Wink: One of the hard things about being married is having to share your toilet with a smelly boy. They seem to do the most sinful number two’s which leave an odour one feels ill equipped to describe with G rated language. 

That is why I feel like Eucalyptus spray from Aldi has been lifechanging. Somehow it neutralises the smell and literally takes the sting out of the worst kind of bombing that Greenie can do. HIGHLY recommend. Your welcome.

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  1. Colette van Emmerik says:

    Aldi Darwin needs you! 😢

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