A Dinner Date To Remember

Mark and I were reminiscing about our favourite Restaurant Memory. 

His absolute favourite memory was his 30th birthday where I surprised him by taking him to a restaurant while we were on holidays in Cairns. The restaurant was known locally for its specialty Roast Duck.

In order to have it, you would have to give the restaurant 48 hours’ notice so that they could start preparing it. 

There was something so special about that night. We were on holidays, Mark was so excited that I was taking him to dinner, I had champagne and he had beer to start and we were in a mood to party. The beautiful Balinese Staff were as excited about cooking us Duck as we were to order it. They brought it out whole to show us how wonderful it looked then took it out the back to carve it up and then brought it out and represented it to us. Greenie was just in heaven. I kid you not. He ate the entire duck. 

Something about the light-hearted mood of being on holidays away from home, the pre-meal drinks, the festivity and enthusiasm of the staff, and the incredible food, just made the night utterly magical. To add more fun to the night, there was a couple next to us who had glanced over a couple of times in disbelief as they watched my husband devour a platter of duck that probably would have fed an entire family. We made friends by the end of the night, and as we left before they did, we secretly paid for their meal and wrote them a love note for the cheery Balinese waiter to deliver after we left. The joy of being about to pay for a gorgeous couple who we had just met just added to the magic of the night.

We left so happy and tipsy and full and just so in love with one another and the entire world. 

That was Greenie’s favourite food memory, and definitely one of mine. 

Making time for gorgeous moments and cherishing and reminiscing on them is such an important part of living healthy balanced lives. 

What is your favourite restaurant memory? We would love to hear. 

You are deeply loved and richly cherished.

Dr Christine Greenwood

Own Your Health – Changing the way You Think, Eat and Live 

Wink: Clearly I don’t condone eating an entire duck in one sitting. But this was a special occasion. It is funny that night, I remember us being like ‘we will NEVER be hungry again.” The next morning however we woke up hungry. Go figure. 

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